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Google Play Games beta on PC expands: it is now available in 8 more countries

Earlier this year it was announced that Google Play Games it would come on PC come beta experience in a limited number of markets. Google’s goal was to collect early feedback so that we can continue to improve the product to meet the needs of gamers and developers around the world.

In August, it rolled out the product to other players in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. As of today, the company has revealed that the Google Play Games beta is available for download to all players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Google Play Games beta on PC is now available in other countries

In recent months, the growth of the Google Play Games catalog has undergone a ‘acceleration with many popular mobile titles. Among them we find, for example, 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle, Cookie Run: Kingdom and Evony: The King’s Return. All of these titles and dozens more can be played on PC via an independent application made by Google.

The broader goal of the company, of course, continues to be that of meet the players and to give them access to games on as many devices as possible. Players who participated in the beta said they were thrilled to be able to seamlessly play their favorite games on multiple devices.

In addition, after launching earlier this year, the company has been committed to achieving a even more players. In fact, the minimum specification requirements for PCs running Windows 10+.

The company is happy to be able to expand the platform to other markets to allow players to enjoy their favorite games on Google Play. Over the months it will continue to add new features it’s at evaluate feedback of developers and gamers.

To subscribe to future announcements or to access the beta in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand or Australia, you can consult the official site.

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