Apple could launch a proprietary search engine

Apple pronta a lanciare la sfida a Google: motore di ricerca proprietario in arrivo? thumbnail

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Among the new features coming to Apple’s services there would also be a new search engine with which the Cupertino company will try to challenge Google. The rumor has been circulating on the net for a few hours by the insider Robert Scoble. Here are the details:

Apple ready to challenge Google with a proprietary search engine

Over the foreseeable future, Google may not be the default search engine for Apple devices (a privilege that costs Google billions of dollars a year). The Cupertino house is, in fact, working on a revolutionary project for the world of the web. In the future, thel Apple’s search enginewith a proprietary technology that would integrate all the company’s services, from maps to Siri.

A project that could revolutionize the web

Apple punta a steal a slice of the market linked to search engines from Google which generates significant revenues for Google thanks to advertising. It is a market of great value and Apple today has all the credentials and the financial resources to conquer it. The project could debut at early 2023further enriching the potential of the services of the Cupertino house.

More details on Apple’s intentions could emerge as early as the next few weeks. The design of a new search engine will have to be studied in detail to offer users an experience comparable to that offered by Google. Only in this way, the company will be able to overcome the competition from Google.