Apple increases production of iPhone 14

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According to a Taiwanese report, Apple has asked its suppliers to increase the production of the iPhone 14 from 90 million to 95 million units. A increase of more than 5%, which would lead to supplier Foxcon to increase the recruitment bonus for iPhone operators. But let’s try to understand how this will change the supply chain, and beyond.

iPhone 14: Apple increases production by more than 5%

“The smartphone market may be slow, but Apple is bucking the trend. Recently, it expanded the initial total orders for the iPhone 14 series to 95 million, an increase of about 5% over original expectations ”. So reports the United Daily News of Taiwan. The report suggests that the move is the result of both Apple’s optimism about demand for the new series, and gods component availability improvements. Apparently the Foxcon supplier responded by offering recruitment bonus significantly greater than the operators following Apple’s production. These would reportedly increase from around $ 1500 to around $ 2250. An increase that could convince workers to focus on assembling Apple’s new iPhone 14.

It remains only to understand if there will really be a lot of demand from the market. It is likely that the replacement of the iPhone 13 mini with a iPhone 14 Maxa version with a larger screen than the base model, you significantly increase your sales. After all, there are many users looking for a smartphone with a large display, but without the need to have the functions of a Pro model. Even considering that they are not willing to pay the Pro price, let’s say so. As for the iPhone 14 Pro, however, it would seem that the function Always on Display it will conquer a rather large slice of the market. And the 48 MP camera it will not be outdone at all.

It is therefore evident that the request from users will be there. Reason why, with the high tensions between the United States and China, Apple is also aiming to start production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously in China and India. If so, it would be the first time an iPhone has been produced in India since the first moment of production. On the other hand, there would seem to be quite a few tensions after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Precisely for this reason, Apple has warned its suppliers that China is enforcing customs regulation that could lead to the rejection of import and export requests. And it ran for cover before production could suffer all kinds of problems.