Apple: many new products in the fall, like never before

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The 2022 promises to be a special year for Apple, which will launch many new products, especially in Autumn. So much so that according to the analyst Mark Gurman by Bloomberg in September / October we will see the largest hardware presentation in Apple’s history.

Apple introduces many new products this fall

In the latest issue of the Bloomberg Power On newsletter, well-informed analyst Mark Gurman explained that 2022 is an important year for Apple. In fact, in addition to the possibility of seeing them present a new type of product (the viewer AR / VR that could arrive this year or in 2024), there are many new releases of computers, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

In fact we should see four new ones iPhone 14 (standard e Max, Pro e Pro Max). Un update al Mac Pro base (which may no longer have a 13-inch screen and thus change its name). And then a new one iMac from the larger screen, an Apple Silicon chip version of Mac Pro. But also a new one MacBook Air with renewed design, the second generation of AirPods Pro, three Apple Watch (standard, SE and Rugged), a iPad and a new one iPad Pro.

According to reports Gurman, a major chunk of these products will arrive in the fall, although the iMac may arrive sooner.

In addition to these autumn announcements, between March and April we expect to see the launch of theiPhone SE 5G third generation, a new one iPad Air with the A15 Bionic chip and perhaps more computer news. In particular, a mac mini con chip M1 Pro o Max.

With all the launches coming this fall, it seems possible that Apple will at least organize two events in the fall. Possibly one for mobile products, where the focus will be mainly on smartphones and smartwatches. And then another for computers, where to present Mac Pro with the Apple Silicon chip and perhaps the first MacBooks and iPads with chip M2.

In any case, we expect lots of Apple-branded news: get ready for a year of news on Apple products.

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