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Smart Home, here is WiFree: Comelit’s new connected and integrated solution

We present WiFree, Comelit’s smart home solution that allows you to integrate different devices in a totally wireless way

The creation of technologically advanced domestic environments at the service of living comfort is one of the main trends in modern interior design, increasingly projected towards the model of ‘smart home‘. From this point of view, an increasingly important role belongs to home automation, to ‘building automation’ and integrated solutions for the management of all aspects that affect living well-being. Many specialized companies, in particular those in the ‘civil’ electricity sector, in addition to developing specific products and materials, are projected towards the development of wide-ranging solutions, ‘packages’ of integrated and interconnected technologies to be implemented within the domestic environments.

Smart Home, here is WiFree: Comelit's new connected and integrated solution

WiFree: the smart home according to Comelit

Comelit is one of the leading companies in the panorama of intercom, videophone and home automation solutions, both nationally and internationally. It markets its products both through physical channels and online, through specialized e-commerce such as; backed by consolidated experience, Comelit has recently created an entire range of devices for smart home and ‘building automation’ called WiFree.

It is a series of devices that implement specific functions, from the programmed activation of the lighting systems to the management of the shutters, passing through the monitoring of the energy consumption of the home; subsequently, the ‘package’ will be further expanded with the addition of specific solutions for the management of air conditioning and heating systems.

Smart Home, here is WiFree: Comelit's new connected and integrated solution

The name of the range – ‘WiFree’ – refers to the fact that each of the devices included take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection and, consequently, the installation does not require the presence or laying of wiring. In addition, the proposal is characterized by the high flexibility, as it can be applied in new construction or reconstruction contexts; to this prerogative is added that of scalability; in short, the installation can be progressive, starting from a single module and then adding the others, according to the specific needs of the application context and the destination home environment.

Thanks to a specific smartphone application, developed by Comelit itself, the WiFree modules can be configured in an agile and ‘smart’ way, recording them both individually and within the entire device. The app works in collaboration with an open source platform for the integration of different devices that can operate in connection with each other; in this regard, it should be emphasized that WiFree is also compatible with third-party devices and systems (such as, for example, Google Home and Alexa), to guarantee a high degree of application versatility.

Smart Home, here is WiFree: Comelit's new connected and integrated solution

The future of the smart home

Comelit WiFree is one of the many proposals of technological integration and home automation developed by a reference company in this particular sector. It demonstrates how the housing of the future will be increasingly characterized by technological integration and advanced solutions to improve living comfort from all points of view.

In fact, home automation devices are able to implement a wide range of different functions, including the management of heating and air conditioning systems. In this sense, smart solutions are also functional to the optimization of energy performance, as such devices digital chronothermostats, timers, controllers and the like make it easier to use the ‘programmed’ heating devices, so as to reduce waste and operating costs.

Smart Home, here is WiFree: Comelit's new connected and integrated solution

So how will they be the houses of the future? Certainly more technological and, consequently, more ‘smart’, not only for the integration of voice commands but also for greater energy efficiency and more agile management of safety devices such as monitors, sensors, video intercoms and the like. The evolution process of living environments also involves the more widespread use of dedicated apps for remote control and monitoring of entire devices, individual modules and specific functions.

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