Dungeons of Aether: the title slips again

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There were probably already those who were looking forward to an autumn dedicated to indulging in Dungeons of Aether, but unfortunately it has been confirmed that the title will be released late

Dungeons of Aethera spin off of Rivals of Aetherseemed to be a certainty yet players will still have to bear some patience before you get your hands on it! So let’s try to understand together what happened.

Dungeons of Aether: See you next year

The title in question, initially, it was supposed to be released on October 25 for PC via the Steam platform, but it seems that development times have lengthened so much that, in the end, will be released on February 28 next year (2023). Fortunately, a new trailer has been released, which we leave you below, which shows some videos and the combat system.

The development team then wanted to clarify that the extra time that is being spent on Dungeons of Aether will be used for further expand the franchise and enhance the gaming experience of users. For the moment we remember that they have been added four new heroes, Slade, Artemis, Hamir and Fleetwith their respective abilities and a new one mode which allows you to compete in randomly generated dungeons.

Designed by Nick “ampersandbear” Blackwood, this title is obviously based on exploration and fighting in dungeons as the tradition of role-playing and / or taola games dictates. Obviously, to stay on the subject of tradition, a system of dice, similar to what we saw on Solasta: Crown of the Magister, will be used for the various actions.

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