Apple: alcune organizzazioni chiedono uno stop al sistema di monitoraggio anti pedofilia thumbnail

Apple: Some organizations are calling for a stop to the anti-pedophilia monitoring system

Apple: Some organizations call for a stop to the anti-pedophilia monitoring system. Thumbnail

The monitoring system with which Apple aims to “check” the photos of iPhone users to create a anti pedophilia system continues to discuss. In recent weeks, Apple’s initiative has been much discussed globally and has generated controversy and doubts. The same house in Cupertino tried to throw water on the fire. Apple, in fact, has downsizing the critical issues that emerged in terms of privacy protection (more details can be found in the news linked below). Meanwhile, an open letter asks Apple to review its plans.

Some civil society organizations are asking Apple to stop the anti-pedophilia project

A open letter issued by Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is the company yes over 90 civil society organizations was released online in these hours. That letter contains an invitation to Apple to abandon the path taken. In particular, the Cupertino company is required to abandon the plan to create surveillance capabilities in products such as the iPhone and iPad.

The risks of the new monitoring system

According to the signatories of the letter, although the system is designed to protect children and reduce the spread of child pornography, the risks associated with the surveillance system are numerous. The letter points out that the anti-pedophilia system developed by Apple may inadvertently create problems for some young people and LGBTQ + youth living in difficult family conditions.

Once the image scanning system is integrated into Apple products, the company may find itself having to contend with enormous pressure from local governments. Institutions may require Apple to use the tracking system to detect other types of images. In this case, the risks to user privacy will be considerable.

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