iTop VPN: privacy protection and access to multiple servers around the world

If you are wondering how to protect your personal data while browsing the Internet without giving up on unlimited browsing, the answer is iTop VPN

Founded in 2016, iTop creates tools and software for PCs and mobile devices, now used and trusted by over 20 million users worldwide. ITop’s mission, as a technology-oriented company, is to guarantee users a safe and enjoyable digital experience, thanks to intuitive, intelligent, stable and secure software.

The flagship product of iTop, as well as the one we are going to illustrate below, is iTop VPN, a free VPN for Windows PCs, Android and iOS, which offers users an ultra-fast connection, to allow them to enjoy all their favorite content. and complete privacy protection. Coupled with the best encryption available, iTop VPN provides unlimited access to geo-restricted video games, music, social media and streaming services, from anywhere in the world.

iTop VPN: privacy protection and access to multiple servers around the world

Let’s discover iTop VPN: free, fast and stable VPN perfect for multiple occasions

Before we go into detail on iTop VPN, here is a brief introduction of what is a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that creates a private data channel and connects devices to the network with encrypted data blocks, protecting personal data securely and ensuring that no one can have access to private information or IP address. The benefits of using a VPN are many: it allows us to transfer our data securely, bypass geographic boundaries, and hide our real identity.

iTop VPN offers all of this: it protects users’ privacy and sensitive information and at the same time, allows them to have unlimited access to any online content. With over 1800 global network servers and over 100 locations to choose from, it offers TCP, UDP, HTTPS connection protocols and automatically enables Kill Switch function when it loses the Internet connection, always guaranteeing maximum protection of sensitive data. In addition, it defends against DNS attacks and provides a free tool to check the IP of the PC.

iTop VPN: privacy protection and access to multiple servers around the world

In addition, iTop VPN, thanks to the Quick Access function, allows users to quickly connect to the optimal server to start their online journey. Users located in America, for example, can connect to the “Italia” server and immediately access all Netflix Italia content. Users in Italy, by clicking on “Watch BBC iPlayer”, can easily watch the trending shows, even if they are not physically in England.

iTop VPN: privacy protection and access to multiple servers around the world

In addition to guaranteeing unlimited access to any content, iTop VPN, with double encryption and never storing users’ personal data, always guarantees maximum privacy protection. It also blocks browser ads, disables ISP tracking, and cleans your browser history.

iTop VPN works on all Windows PCs, Android and iOS devices, with all its features for every occasion, listed in detail below:

  • Unblocking popular games, streaming services and social networks: iTop VPN has dedicated VPN servers to unblock PUBG, Roblox and Call of Duty Warzone and fix high ping issues. With iTop VPN you can also access the streaming of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount Plus and Peacock. You can also unblock WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks anywhere in the world.
  • Browser privacy protection: iTop VPN scans and fixes privacy issues to protect users’ private data from being tracked.
  • Advertising Block and Security Reinforcement: iTop VPN blocks unwanted and malicious ads to prevent malware infections, and scans and fixes system weaknesses to prevent your PC from being hacked.

iTop VPN: privacy protection and access to multiple servers around the world

Availability of iTop VPN

This VPN is available for Windows, Android and iOS for free, however there is also a paid version, with 2 year, 6 month and 1 month subscriptions with discounts up to 78%.

With the paid version you can enjoy all the features of iTop VPN, including more than 1800 servers and 100 locations around the world, for a truly unlimited browsing experience.

Don’t waste any more time, download iTop VPN for free and try it now!