OPPO: reveals how to make the 5G signal faster and more powerful

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OPPO, reveals how it designed the perfect solution to make Find X5 Pro’s 5G signal faster and more powerful, let’s find out together in this article

Ad today already million of people enjoy the advantages offered by the speed of the 5G and by 2025 they will increase to a third of the world population. In its constant optimization and pursuit of perfection, OPPOone of the world’s leading companies in the smart devicehe employed his engineers in developing 5G solutions for his smartphonecapable not only of supporting the connection, but of raise its potentialproviding an unprecedented user experience.

Con Find X5 Prooffers users a 5G connection stable and without slowdownsto be able to enjoy streaming movies and video calls and to be able to play online in total tranquility.

OPPO: reveals how to make the 5G signal faster and more powerful

A component called Power Amplifier

The quality of a smartphone’s signal is determined by its location antenna inside the device and often varies according to the seal, as the antenna can be covered by the hands. Furthermore, users often find themselves using their smartphones in environments such as i parking lots or trainsin which connection drops and slowdowns occur.

In these situations, a component called Power Amplifier (PA) plays a vital role by boosting the smartphone signal and providing users with a stronger and more lasting connection. However, most smartphones are equipped with only one PA for a corresponding frequency band and it is up to the single power amplifier to choose the most suitable of the four antennas of the device to receive the signal.

To counter this obstacle, after a year of design, OPPO engineers have come up with a solution that expertly combines software e hardware improving the arrangement of the antennas and including two PA components instead of one: the system Dual PA Four-way Connection Systemlaunched with Find X5 Pro.

The crucial component of this innovative system is the Fast Matching Algorithmwhich allows the device to automatically select the most suitable PA for sending and receiving signals at any time, increasing system efficiency and improving both signal quality and power consumption.

OPPO: reveals how to make the 5G signal faster and more powerful

Dual PA Four-way Connection Syste

Il Dual PA Four-way Connection System applied on the bands 4G guarantees a fast and powerful signal, which generates a remarkable fluidity during the use of video streaming and during games. According to laboratory data, OPPO Find X5 Pro ensures the 30% less latency and the 50% fewer blocks than the previous generation.

Furthermore, for those unavoidable situations in which users leave zero-signal zones, the innovative system Dual PA Four-way Connection System Find X5 Pro guarantees a much faster signal pickup, which eliminates the long and frustrating waits.

OPPO has spent the past few years actively promoting the development and adoption of 5G around the world, as well as filing communication standards patents 5G in more than 30 countries around the world.

In the 2021 OPPO has become one of the top ten companies in the world for the largest number of 5G-specific patents and, with Find X5 Pro and all its devices, continuing to engage in further research and innovation to push the boundaries of the industry and provide the best experience possible for its users.

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