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Apple: the first MacBook OLED in development?

Apple has yet to introduce the technology YOU ARE on its larger devices, even though its high-end iPhone line already comes with these displays. Apparently, Apple’s next plan is to transition its range as well MacBook from mini-LEDs to OLEDs, but according to a new report, this could still take a long time.

Apple: the first MacBook OLED in development?

Unsurprisingly, some rumors have reported that Apple is currently in talks with Samsung to develop OLED screens for future models of MacBook. The Korean giant has already introduced OLED panels for laptops with support for a frequency up to 90Hz, proving that this technology already exists and is widely used on the market.

The only problem is that the mini-LED screens of the MacBook Pro 2021 Apple’s support for an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, so perhaps the Cupertino giant is looking for OLED panels that support the same refresh rate.

Unfortunately, even if Apple plans to introduce an OLED MacBook by 2025, making such a product could take even longer, especially considering that the company has yet to make the transition to OLED for the entire iPad family. As if that weren’t enough, a previous report highlighted that Apple and Samsung had an argument while negotiations were underway to develop an OLED panel for the iPad Air. The panel Apple wanted was one with a dual-stack OLED structure, while Samsung only developed one with a single stack.

The first iPad Pro with an OLED display could appear in 2023 or 2024. For the time being, therefore, the company is likely to remain anchored to mini-LED technology when it comes to MacBooks.

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