FIFA: 2K Sports aims for licenses instead of EA?

With the relationship between FIFA and EA now at a minimum, 2K Sports seems to have the road paved for a possible acquisition of licenses

EA and FIFA now have a relationship that is about to come to a point of no return: for some weeks in fact Electornic Arts has decided to review the agreements that were established with FIFA regarding the use of names of players and various competitions, since the licenses that the development studio was in possession of weighed heavily on their pockets, with costs that reached 2.5 billion dollars in ten years of partnership.

This factor is what led EA to bond directly with football clubs and change the name of the videogame series, thus triggering a rather heated and angry-sounding discussion. Press releases. Now that EA will take a totally new path for the best known football title ever, others seem not to hide their intentions in the exploit the reputation and the licenses available to FIFA, and among these also emerges 2K Sports.

The FIFA licenses in the aims of 2K Sports

While Konami is grappling with its new eFootball PES 2022, launched more than a month ago and still with numerous problems to be fixed, 2K Sports could have free rein to finally launch into football sport, through the licenses provided by FIFA. 2K Sports is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, mainly focused on popular sports in the United States, including the most popular works from NBA 2K and WWE 2K. When Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke to investors this week, he was asked about a possible interest in breaking into the world of football.

FIFA: 2K Sports aims for licenses instead of EA?

Currently, the company has no never had experiences decisive in this type of sport, if not for the mobile game Top Eleven, which it acquired together with the developer Nordeus only a few months ago. But a football management game for mobile devices, however profitable, could turn out a little tight when compared to the potential earnings obtainable with titles like FIFA. Take-Two has had a long string of battles for sports rights against EA, only recently managing to have a collaboration with Tiger Woods, who has been a long-time partner of Electronic Arts.

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