Silent Hill 2: the statue of Pyramid Head from F4F arrives

First 4 Figures has officially launched the statue dedicated to Silent Hill 2 which represents the monstrous Pyramid Head

Yes, we know… Halloween has been over for more than a few days. Those who love horror, however, never tire of films or videogames led by anxious and scary moods. Speaking precisely of the videogame world, the Silent Hill saga represents one of the milestones of the horror video game.

Those who are fans of the saga certainly cannot forget what monstrous creatures populate, just like the iconic Red Pyramid Thing! First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders of the very new statue it represents Pyramid Head, directly from Silent Hill 2. Let’s see it together.

Silent Hill 2: the Pyramid Head statue from F4F arrives

First 4 Figures is proud to present its latest resin collectible, Red Pyramid Thing. This is the first F4F statue dedicated to Silent Hill. The Red Pyramid Thing made its debut in the second installment of the Silent Hill franchise: Silent Hill 2. Since then, it has become the most iconic monster and face of Silent Hill. Also known as the “Pyramid Head”, its massive pyramid-shaped metal headpiece is the most prominent feature of the Red Pyramid Thing. He raises his left hand just before swinging his huge knife, signaling he is about to strike. Red Pyramid Thing’s butcher suit is covered in blood as he slaughters everything that dares to cross his path.

The base is inspired by the carpet in the Lakeview Hotel boss room, where James Sunderland has his last encounter with a Red Pyramid Thing. On the back of the base are nine red squares, which is the save point found just before entering the boss room.

The statue is available for pre-order in three different editions:

  • Standard Edition: version with knife in hand
  • Exclusive Edition: version with interchangeable arm, which holds the spear or knife
  • Definitive Edition: version that includes the previous arms, as well as two additional arms to represent the scene in which he is defeated

The three versions of the statue dedicated to the Pyramid Head of Silent Hill 2 and license plate F4F are already available for pre-order. To access the purchase page, click here!

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