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BRAUN: the best proposals for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, to help you find the perfect gift to celebrate it, Braun has selected the best specific devices for epilation, which will make every mother feel special

Braun celebrate the Mother’s Day with a selection of devices that transform the moment ofepilation in a real cuddle. Every mom wants the best of the best for i their children, doing their utmost every day to fulfill the smallest desire, need or requirement. Mother’s Day is the opportunity perfect to thank the donne who brought us into the world, who raised us and who have always taken care of us, with a small or big thought to tell them how special they are.

Choose the gift more suitable for this occasion is not always easy, which is why Braun has selected the best specific devices for epilation, which will make every mother feel pampered and special, just like we feel with them.

These devices of very high quality finally allows us to demonstrate to our mothers that we too want only the best for them, transforming epilation into a personal and relaxing moment dedicated to them, exclusively focused on the care of their body. BRAUN: the best proposals for Mother's Day


Perfect for mothers, always in a hurry between one engagement and another, the Silk expert Pro 5 is the pulsed light epilator for permanent removal of visible hair, fast, powerful and gentle on the skin. The sensore Skin Pro 2.0 continuously detects the skin tone to adapt the intensity of the light to the complexion, while the short intervals between the light pulses allow you to achieve perfect results with short sessions. Two different modes of use, Gliding a fast and precise scrollingadapt the treatment to use in different areas of the body and face.

BRAUN: the best proposals for Mother's Day


Il Silk-epil 9 Flex is the first epilator in the world with a completely flexible head able to adapt perfectly to the curves of the body and thus to reach even the most difficult points in the best possible way. Another important revolution by Braun, which has always been synonymous with technology, innovation e design. Furthermore, the device is equipped with technology MicroGrip which allows a greater level of precision, capturing hair 3 times shorter than traditional waxing, up to 0,5 mm and leaving the skin smooth for whole weeks. Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex is also practical to use in the comfort of your own home, even under the shower.

BRAUN: the best proposals for Mother's Day


Braun Face Spa Pro is the first device 3 in 1 per epilationthe cleaning and the toning of the skin. A real beauty salon directly at home. The product offers a new design ergonomic, equipped with an epilating head, a facial cleaning brush and a micro vibrating head. Inspired by the treatments Japanese for skin care, the non-absorbent metal toning micro vibrating head releases delicate micro-pressures that allow better application of creams and serums and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.

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