Apple working on a “ChatGPT for Siri”

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Apple would be exploring the possibility of add generative AI to Siri – a version of ChatGPT made in Cupertino. This is despite the engineers complaining about some fundamental problems found in the virtual assistant.

Apple is developing a “ChatGPT for Siri”

As reported by the New York Times, Apple engineers, including the Siri team, are testing language models every week in response to the growth of chatbots like ChatGPT.

But new AI technologies would have exposed the shortcomings of Siri, Alexa and other voice assistants in the AI ​​race. Former Apple engineer John Burkeywhich worked on Siri, the voice assistant was built with clunky code that took weeks to update with basic features. Difficult to implement a generative AI.

Siri’s database contains a huge list of phrases in nearly two dozen languages, making it “one big snowball”. Simple updates like adding new phrases require rebuilding the entire Siri database. That can take up to six weeks. Adding more complex features, such as nonew research tools, it could take up to a year.

But Apple is still testing new generative AI concepts, which could help Siri stay competitive in the AI ​​race. To compete with new technologies like ChatGPT.

Apparently, other big companies like Meta and Amazon are also reevaluating their approach to AI because of the growing interest in Generative AI catalysed by ChatGPT. In short: if the voice assistants can’t handle ChatGPT, you have to change them.