Volkswagen ID.2, here is the 25,000 euro electric car

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We at have flown to Hamburg to witness a debut that could completely change the car market. Volkswagen ID.2 will go into production in 2025 and it will cost 25 thousand euros, a sedan accessible in price but with great possibilities.

Volkswagen ID.2, price and features of the new German electric

The long-awaited debut of Volkswagen ID.2 it happened two years earlier than the series production to take place in Spain in 2025. Indeed, the concept car that anticipates its design and contents, called the concept car, made its debut in Hamburg ID.2all. Despite being a concept, the exterior lines are quite traditional and the interior is sober.

But it seems likely that the final version of the car will not differ much from the one presented today in Germany. Volkswagen’s range of electric cars will be inspired by the style of the ID.2all, which will also be the cheapest car in the range with a starting price of less than 25,000 euros.

The design of the ID.2 was guided by Andreas Mindtwho stated that there are three pillars on which future Volkswagen cars will be based: sstability, sympathy and enthusiasm. Compared to the other cars of the German group, the new Volkswagen ID.2 looks more like a traditional car, with shapes not far from those of the Polo.

Small but interesting

The ID.2all is 4.05 meters long and is positioned in the car segment “small“. The exterior design is more conventional than the roundness of the ID.3, with well-defined ribs on the bonnet and sides. The front grille is dominated by light with LED diodes that cross the entire length, creating light clusters with a traditional but interesting taste.

The rear of the ID.2all is also recognizable by the luminous signature that embraces the entire back. Including Volkswagen logo and C-pillar.

Volkswagen ID.2 electric min

Instead, the interiors are completely new and minimalistic. With a 12.9″ central monitor and one of the 10.9″ digital instrumentation, both almost leaning on the bridge. There are numerous screens to choose from, including one that recalls the style of 1970s Volkswagens. Below the screen, a physical wheel to manage the audio volume and climate controls. A return to the past, which we really like.

The price makes the difference

Volkswagen explained that the mechanics of the ID.2all is based on the MEB Entry platform. It therefore has a 166 kW (226 hp) electric motor coupled to the front axle and a battery that promises 450 km of autonomy. And that you can charge up to 80% in 20 minutes.

There will be the latest generation Travel Assist, projectors Matrix LED IQ.LIGHT, 3D LED rear lights, ParkAssist Plus, electrically adjustable and massaging seats.

id.2 volkswagen

But what makes the difference is that it will be “spacious like a Golf, expensive like a Polo”. Indeed, the starting price of the ID.2 will be less than 25,000 euros. In addition, there will also be an SUV version, the electric counterpart of the Volkswagen T-Cross.

In short, for the German group, the ID.2 could become the electric heir of the Beetle and Golf – at least for the price. But it remains to be seen whether he will also inherit its success.