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Apple works on iOS 16.1.1: here are the news

These days, Apple is working on a new update for iOS that will reach version 16.1.1 shortly. The goal of the Cupertino house is to solve, once and for all, a bug that is affecting a large number of iPhones. This is the so-called “bug del Wi-Fi”Which can count on numerous reports on the net. This bug causes frequent disconnections from the Wi-Fi network.

Apple will soon release iOS 16.1.1

The new iOS 16.1.1, on which Apple is working in these weeks, will have the task of solving several problems for the Cupertino operating system. After the transition to iOS 16, in fact, the bug del Wi-Fi which causes frequent disconnections from the Wi-Fi network.

This bug, however, it is not the only emers problemor. With iOS 16.1.1, in fact, Apple intends to solve the problem of the slowness of the Spotlight search and improve the animations of the Pro models of the iPhone 14 which still have several aspects to be limited. There are several aspects to be optimized and Apple intends to make significant progress in terms of performance.

The existence of iOS version 16.1.1 has been confirmed in these hours. The update could come very soon considering that Apple is already ready to release the version 16.2 of its operating system which should debut next December. More details will come shortly.

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