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Extrema presents Birò at EICMA 2022

Per EICMA 2022, extreme presents the new version of Birò, the smallest four-wheeled electric vehicle. A vehicle born in 2008, improved with customer feedback to be even more comfortable for those who move around the city.

Estrima presents the new Birò at EICMA 2022

A vehicle designed to move while respecting the environment, urban spaces and above all the most fragile users. Birò allows users to remain protected even in case of rain, to move easily and without polluting. With the ability to recharge the four-wheeled electric vehicle with any socket, even those at home.

In 2008 Birò was one of the first electric quadricycles on the market. Now Estrima wants to renew it with a more attractive and modern design, which however is just as small and manageable outside. But it gets bigger inside. This way there will be more space nin the cockpit of the smallest electric four-wheeler in the world.

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The footprint in fact occupies just two square meters, with a width of 111 centimeters and 179 centimeters in length. The internal volume however it goes from 41 to 122 liters: we are talking about an increase of even 200%. And there are four more centimeters between the seat and the sunroof, for those who are taller.

The trunk also increases: it goes from 204 to 308 liters, an increase of just over 50%. And with the multifunction hatbox you can configure it as you see fit. In addition, it is lighter: it weighs only 350kg.

Thanks toEnergy absorption of 1.1 kW, recharges quickly with any socket. But it is also comfortable when driving: the one hand seat belt and the hill holder function make it easy to drive even for beginners. And with full LED headlights and taillights teveryone will see you on the street.

You can drive with several modes (Normal, Sport, Eco, Speed ​​Limited) and use l’app to manage everything, even sharing your Birò in Sharing. In short, a larger vehicle inside, smarter, but still small and easy to drive.

Matteo Maestri, President of Estrima, explains: “The dimensions are the same. But it is more spacious, more capacious, more tidy, more responsive, more efficient, more ergonomic, more flexible, simpler, more stable,
softer, brighter, more customizable, more shareable. And it also has something less: you can
leave the key at home. Along with stress “.

You can find Birò at EICMA 2022 on Wednesday November 9 at 9:20 am at the Estrima stand
(pad. 9, stand C71).

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