AQL Gamma Sport: headphones that are not afraid of water and sweat

The brand of the Cellularline AQL group offers headphones and earphones designed specifically for sports activities while awaiting the next reopening of swimming pools, gyms and sports activities

After the months of closure due to the health emergency, it will finally soon be possible to return to training – obviously in compliance with safety regulations – even in the gym and in the outdoor pools. A moment awaited by many fans, especially by those who intend to get back in shape for the summer or enjoy relaxing with a long swim. For many, it is unthinkable to do sports without music: listening to their favorite playlists, in fact, often gives that extra edge that pushes you to give your best and not let yourself be stopped by fatigue. However, we need the right accessories, which accompany us in physical activity without hindering it.

Range Sport AQL: headphones to resume swimming and running

For this AQL has created a range of products with specific characteristics for sport, designed to be faithful companions of our workouts. SPORT BOOST CHARGE, for example, it is the Bluetooth headset that, thanks to the flexible arches, rests comfortably on the ear and remains stable in any movement, allowing you to train with your own music in complete freedom. The long-lasting battery – up to 45 hours of playtime with the charging case – it is able to sustain even the longest workouts, and in the event of a call the Double Master Function allows you to answer even with only one of the two earphones. IPX7 certified, SPORT BOOST CHARGE easily resists sweat and rain, and even temporary immersion in water up to one meter.

AQL Gamma Sport: headphones that are not afraid of water and sweat

If you are looking for maximum concentration in every workout, even more appropriate may be Bluetooth headphones, excellent for isolating yourself more from the external environment. In this context, AQL proposes the SPORT CHALLENGE, which thanks to the 40mm neodymium drivers offer crystal clear sound quality and all the bass you need to charge to the maximum. Through the system Universal Remote Control you can change songs, adjust the volume and answer calls directly from the headphones, and the IPX4 certification ensures resistance to sweat and rain. The sporty attitude of this product is evident in the soft rubber headband, which guarantees maximum stability during activity, and in the removable and washable earpads, to have headphones that are always fresh and clean with each use.

AQL Gamma Sport: headphones that are not afraid of water and sweat

Finally, for those who can’t wait to get back on the water soon, AQL offers the earphones SPORT THORPEDO. Every detail is designed specifically for swimming and water activities, starting withwith IPX8 certification that allows immersion up to 2 meters deep. But not only that: the flexible headband that connects the two earphones improves stability and comfort, while the included rubber pads, specific for swimming, are supplied in 3 different sizes for maximum comfort. And if you prefer not to bring your smartphone by the pool, the SPORT THORPEDO offer the possibility of save playlists directly to the 4GB internal memory: in this way you can always have your favorite songs at hand, switching from one to the other with the practical controls located on the earphones. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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