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Arcane: that’s why the release of the second season is long in coming

Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, explained why the release of Arcane will not take place before 2024. Let’s find out the two main reasons

At the release of the first season, which took place in 2021, the animated TV series Arcanelicense plate Netflix, immediately achieved great success with audiences and critics. A second season therefore appeared as a matter of course. Indeed, shortly after its release, the official announcement arrived: the series, set in the universe of League of Legends, would have had a continuation. However, since the day of the fantastic news, times seem to be dragging on and the release of the series seems to be getting longer and longer. Nicolas Laurent, CEO of Riot Gamesexplained the reasons.

Arcane: that's why the release of the second season is long in coming

An unexpected success | Arcane: that’s why the release of the second season is long in coming

Finally, after a very long period in which traces of the series had been lost, Nicolas Laurentin a recent interview for a Chinese broadcast, clarified the two main reasons for this long wait:

Before taking the flight to China, I watched the third episode of Season 2. We are making progress, but it is not ready yet for two reasons: the first is that we want to achieve the highest possible quality; we don’t want to speed things up and this requires a long process. The second, the less positive one, is that honestly we didn’t know if season 1 would be successful enough. If we had known the results in advance, we would have started work on the second much earlier. We couldn’t risk it, we found ourselves waiting and now we pay the price, so unfortunately it won’t come this year.

When will Arcane come out?

Laurent’s words could not be more sincere. But then when will the second season of Arcane be released? We don’t have certain news, but in all probability, the new season will arrive in 2024, after 3 years from the first. Of course, the waiting times will be long, but they could also indicate a certain attention to detail, so as to maintain the high quality to which the first season had accustomed us. All this in order not to disappoint the fans, who have brought to success a series also appreciated by critics. The (apparently unexpected) success of Arcane led to the series winning an Emmy Award for Best Animated Series. Waiting for further updates on this unmissable production, continue to follow us on you know so you don’t miss a single news on the world of cinema and TV series.

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