Zeekr: alla conquista del mercato europeo, con la shooting brake 001 e il SUV X thumbnail

Zeekr the Chinese brand is ready for the challenge in Europe

Everything is ready: the Chinese brand makes its debut in June Zeekri in Europe. Okay between the teaser and the presentation show at the car headquarters now it becomes reality. Above all, the group’s premium vehicle builder Geely confirms the arrival of the shooting brake 001 e del Suv Xbefore the end of the year.

Zeekr X presentation in China, site sourceZeekr X presentation in China, site source

Zeekr, the announcement comes from the Shanghai Motor Show

The builder Zeekri concentrated in the production of vehicles Of luxury, announces the arrival in Europe. Everything is thought out in a big way and at the auto show in Shanghai it started to give some hints. The new European headquarters is ad Amsterdam. This is where the range of luxury vehicles on tap starts.

While the continental center R&D and by design is a Gothenburg, in Sweden. At first the sedan is available for sale 001, a luxury shooting brake with a range of about 600 km. This is accompanied by the Suv urbano Xcapable of reaching a thousand kilometers on a full charge.

According to the house, the two models, made on the basis of the architecture Ev Sea. Able to give European users a balanced mix of design, technology, driving dynamics, performance and safety, as well as long range and fast charging. From the point of view logistic il debut of two models is scheduled in Sweden e in Whenwhile other countries and models will come soon after.

Zeekr, the SUV X exemplary of power and dynamism

Let’s start from Zeekr X equipped with an engine electric back from 272 CV which allows her to snap from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. The powerful version mounts two units (one at the front and one at the rear to develop four-wheel drive) for a total of 428 CV by 543 Nm.Zeekr X, the debut in China

Interior Zekr X, site sourceInterior Zekr X, site source

Also, the X which can be ordered in configurations a 4 or 5 posts. The rear seats can be folded electrically to increase loadspace from 362 liters to 1,182 litres. The large panoramic roof has an area of ​​1.2 square meters and a huge 14.6″ central screen which provides access to all the car’s functions.

Zeekr X, the new philosophy of electric vehicles of the future

Zeekr vehicles are designed with a human-centric philosophy that ensures that every element of the car is carefully considered, with the aim of enhancing and enriching the driving experience. At the same time, advanced connectivity, including over-the-air software updates, allows vehicles to adapt as user needs evolve over time.

Zeekr: conquering the European market with the shooting brake 001 and the SUV X, site sourceZeekr: conquering the European market with the shooting brake 001 and the SUV X, site source

Zeekr, le parole del CEO Andy An

Talking about the project in Europe is the CEO Of Zeekri, Andy Anexplains during the presentation at the Shanghai motor show: “It has only been two years since we presented our first state-of-the-art electric vehicle, the Zekr 001.

Customer response to our brand has been incredible, with over 93,000 units already sold. Our range has grown with the addition of the Zeekr 009 and now the Zeekr X, further unlocking our growth potential. Following the latest funding round, which raised $750 million, Zeekr was valued at $13 billion, and based on this success, we are thrilled to launch our brand in Europe as a key step in our global strategy.”

Zeekr, the opportunity for the electric challenge in Europe

While Spiros Fotinos, CEO of Zeekr Europe, adds: “European consumers are increasingly ready to switch to electric vehicles and are more open than ever to new technology brands, especially those focused exclusively on electric vehicles.

With the resources, knowledge and experience we have behind us, Zeekr is well positioned to offer world-class EVs, innovative services and an exceptional experience that will make the transition to electric easier than ever before, enabling us to contribute to a more sustainable future”.

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