Arlo introduces two new plans: Secure and Secure Plus launched

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Arlo, the most popular security camera brand in Europe, introduces two new service plans. These will be called Secure and Secure Plus, and will allow you to increase the security of your home. Here are all the details and prices of the two new services.

Arlo increases the efficiency of its products with two monthly plans

With an announcement arrived in these hours, Arlo officially presented two new monthly plans for home security. These, which take advantage of artificial intelligence, will serve to optimize the brand’s products, making them even more accurate. Greater efficiency in both threat detection and speed of action.

The two new floors are a real addition to the already popular Arlo Smart service. The added advantage is that the new proposals will cover an unlimited number of cameras, guaranteeing 360 degree protection, at a limited cost.

The pricing of the new Secure and Secure Plus monthly plans

The Secure and Secure Plus plans: a combination of technology and security

Arlo Secure and Secure Plus are the only plans that can differentiate between people, packages, animals, and vehicles. Users can choose the activities they want to be notified of and disable the detection options of little interest. This will help reduce unnecessary and non-security risk warnings.

Optimization takes place thanks to various technological innovations. For example, the screen lock system allows you to preview video of an accident and activate the alarm even with the phone screen locked. This is because, when it comes to security, every second is precious. Furthermore, thanks to the customized options such as call a friend, users can ask for help in an automated way.

With Arlo plans it will be possible to store videos in the cloud

Another advantage of the Secure plans is that homeowners can store all videos in the cloud and in the resolution in which they were recorded. This will allow you to use them as evidence if necessary. With the Secure plan, videos are securely stored for 30 days. Alternatively, you can decide to extend this storage option to 60 days with Arlo Secure Plus.

For Arlo, security is a serious matter and this also extends to the privacy of its users. The videos are securely stored on European servers, which guarantee their deletion at the end of the selected storage period. Finally, an additional encrypted system provides additional peace of mind for the homeowner – the only one with access to recorded video.

All Arlo products will include a free three month Arlo Secure trial plan, giving homeowners the option to subscribe to an Arlo Secure or Arlo Secure Plus plan at the end of the trial period. Users who already have a SMART plan will continue to enjoy the same services for which they have subscribed, with the option of being able to change them if they wish.

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