Artifact, the AI-powered news app, is available to everyone

Artifact, l'app di notizie basata sull'intelligenza artificiale, è disponibile per tutti thumbnail

L’app Artifact it has finally arrived. Founded by Kevin Systrom e Mark Kriegeralready known for giving birth to InstagramArtifact is a mixture of a social and a news feed and is fed directly from aartificial intelligence.

Artifact, the app depends on an AI

The role of artificial intelligence in the Artifact app is basically to help users create hyper-accurate content thanks to a series of tools made available to subscribers.

So far, then, we could think of Artifact as a sort of ChatGPT social version, but in reality users will have to, on balance, get acquainted with artificial intelligence.

In fact, the AI ​​will need at least two weeks to get to know the registered users, who, for their part, will have to read several news items a day. Only in this way will the AI ​​understand what to recommend and the most suitable type of content.

Not for nothing else the name Artifact itself, according to the words of Systrom and Krieger, derives from three terms: articles, facts, artificial intelligence. Basically everything the app wants to focus on.

To underline the desire to be above all a news feed, once the app has been launched, you will come across a feed in which you can find stories from publishers of the caliber of New York Times e Washington Post.

Starting from this, the app will record everything you read, thus understanding the tastes and political orientations of users. In fact, on Artifact it will be possible to find articles of any political faction, but the AI ​​will block any attempt to spread fake news.

Furthermore, by reviving the social aspect a bit, users will be able to invite friends to the app, receive notifications of interesting content and enjoy the “Read later” function and reading history.

Artifact is available for both users iOS both for users Android. But at this point it is natural to ask one thing: could the future of social networks also lie in the implementation of an artificial intelligence like that of Artifact?

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