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How to Earn Money at Hogwarts Legacy – The Ultimate Guide

Do you dream of going crazy shopping in Hogsmeade, buying everything you can buy, but your magical bank account won’t let you? No fear, in this guide of ours we are going to see how to make money quickly (or rather galleons) in Hogwarts Legacythe new highly appreciated video game developed by Avalanche Software and set in the Harry Potter narrative universe.

In the vast open world of the game, both in Hogsmeade and around the Highlands, you will be able to interact with the many traders. These, in addition to selling you potions, clothes, ingredients and more, will also be willing to buy from you objects and animals that you have collected during your explorations. Also there are the inevitable broken disillusionmentwhich especially in the early stages of the game will allow you to make a lot of money in Hogwarts Legacy. The galleons will in fact be indispensable to continue in the story, as to complete some missions you will be called to buy magic formulas and much more. So let’s figure out how to earn as much of it as possible.

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How to make money in Hogwarts Legacy : chests with an eye

The fastest way to make tons of money, especially in the very early stages of the game, are cases of disillusionment. You’ll find plenty of them scattered throughout the castle and Hogsmeade and you’ll recognize them right away: they have one eye and will become impenetrable as you get close. To open them you will then have to approach them using the Disillusionment Spell, which will allow you to be invisible. Each Crate of Disillusionment will grant you 500 Galleons.

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The chests, bags of money and common coffers

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Also in the early stages of the game you will have the opportunity to find many common chests and chests. The first ones will appear to you using I reveal, while the latter will be directly indicated on the mini-map. However, reaching the chests will be much more difficult, since these are often hidden behind hidden rooms and passages. Also pay attention to Artimancy rooms (those closed by doors with puzzles). Inside each room of Artimanzia you will find always boxes and bags of money. If you don’t know how to open the doors of Artimanzia, we refer you to our dedicated guide.

While slaughtering poachers, goblins and various enemies in the Highland countryside, be sure to collect the loot they drop after they die. Often it’s just a few galleons, but in times of magical crisis everything makes up for it. Also on the map you will find indicated the enemy camps. These always hide money bags and chests. If you’re lucky you’ll also find some rare chests.

photo1677173901 2Enemy camps marked on the map are a great way to collect money and items to sell

Remember that chests and chests don’t always contain money, but they will almost always give you equipment. This, if managed correctly, will allow you to make a lot of money in Hogwarts Legacy: in the next paragraph we find out how.

How to manage equipment and make money in Hogwarts Legacy

If the above methods are perfect for the early stages of the game, as you continue you will realize that you have now opened all the chests of disillusionment and most of the chests. It will therefore be essential to continue earning manage your equipment. This mostly consists of outfits that you will find in chests. Dresses that allow you to acquire characteristics and boosts in terms of attack and defense. However your inventory can only contain a limited number of itemsso it is important to sell those with worse characteristics so as not to have to give up other more powerful outfits that you will find while exploring. Here are some tips:

  • At the end of each mission/exploration, open your equipment and put on your best clothes. After that go to Hogsmeade to sell all others not in use. Remember that selling a dress does not preclude you from wearing it as an aesthetic element. Appearances and outfits are two distinct elements of the game: you can wear a very powerful Slytherin shirt even if you want your character to appear in a Gryffindor tank top.
  • If you have unlocked the Room of Requirement make sure you always identify the outfits you find during missions. By doing this you will always be sure not to sell a powerful garment while wearing a weaker one.
  • At one point in the game the Tik leprechaun will teach you how to “save animals”. These can later be sold at the Hogsmeade pet shop (you will not be able to sell them at other shops).
  • Make sure you always go on missions with an empty inventory. If your inventory were to fill you will be forced to destroy clothing to make room for others that you will find along the way, e destruction will gain you nothing. Get rid of the extra clothes in advance.

Open your shop

Later in the game it will be possible open your own shop. In short, you will be the Fred and George of Hogwarts Legacy. In your shop you will be able to sell all your excess items, benefiting from a bonus compared to what you would earn by selling them at other merchants.

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