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Revolut: 1 out of 3 Italians has suffered fraud attempts and 1 out of 10 does not know how to recognize them

Revoluta global financial app with over 27 million customers worldwide and more than one million in Italy, has decided to conduct a survey together with the research firm Dynata to understand if Italians are able to recognize computer threats (and related fraud attempts) and whether they are prepared to handle them.

Revolut report: more than 1 out of 3 Italians has recently suffered a fraud attempt

The study revealed that most Italians (59%) it has not been subjected to cyber attacks or scam attempts with related data subtraction. However 32% say they have been subjected to a fraud attempt in the last 3 months through phishing emails (22%) and fraudulent SMS (18%). 4% admitted to having received a notification from a third party stating that their personal data had been compromised.

Women (4% compared to 2% of men) are the ones who have been most under attack, followed by consumers in the 25-34 age group (7%).

Good news is that 75% of Italians systematically adopt precautions to keep your bank details safe, but on the other hand – and here comes the sore point – 1 Italian out of 5 (21%) does not adopt measures proactive to protect your data.

Of this 21% the 10% rely on luck hoping that everything goes well, while 6% think it’s enough just to pay attention in order not to fall victim to a scam, ignoring the increasingly sophisticated tactics of the scammers. In the end 5% instead do not know what precautions to take.

Revolut has therefore decided to dispense some fundamental advice to keep your bank accounts safe.

Revolut’s advice to avoid fraud attempts

Revolut recommends i following steps:

  • if you receive a link by SMS or email from a company, do not click it unless you have a reason to;
  • no one with good intentions will ask for money transfers to or from a Revolut account “for security reasons” or because another account has been compromised. On the contrary, raise your antennas, because it’s a scam!
  • never share the OTP code or password with anyone;
  • If you receive a message from any person or company, pay attention to whether the message includes a link or number.

For more information or if you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, you can visitHub Fraud by Revolut.

Luckily, almost 8 out of 10 Italians take cyber threats seriously and take various measures to avoid dangers such as:

  • buy only on sites deemed reliable;
  • 2-factor authentication and frequent password changes;
  • also use virtual cards.

However, only 31% know how to deal with a compromised bank account. In fact, almost 1 in 10 Italians said they did not know how to recognize a fraudulent attack and 14% would not know what to do if their card were stolen or their bank account compromised.

1 out of 3 respondents, on the other hand, knows exactly how to behave in the event of fraud, while the remaining 56% have a rough idea of ​​what to do.

Silver Generation vs Gen Z

The investigation turns out to be the over 55 those with the greatest difficulty in identifying a potential fraud and in thinking that being careful can avoid scams. As a counterweight, among the interviewees of the age group 18-24 years That takes no precautions12% admit to doing it hoping that everything will go well.

According to Italians, online banks are safer than traditional ones

33% of Italians also believe that online banking and financial apps can keep money safer than traditional banks thanks to technological security systems.

The Revolut app offers the possibility to enable push notifications to be informed in real time about the transactions made, in addition, customers can create disposable virtual cards or use standard virtual cards for online purchases.

Revolut cards support checking 3D Securewhich allows you to check the transaction you want to make on an online shop in the Revolut app and also use it with Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

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