Aston Martin Safety car

Aston Martin Vantage e DBX scelte come safety car per le gare di F1 nel 2022 thumbnail

Aston Martin is the brand chosen to supply the models that will be used as safety car and medical car in the 12 Formula 1 Grand Prix that will take place in the 2022 season. The two models chosen will begin their work at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne, from 8 to 10 April.

As in recent years, the model charged with carrying out this important safety task is the Aston Martin Vantage. But for this Formula 1 season the chosen model has been updated and is the Vantage Racing Green version. This variant is the one that can be found in the racing team Aston Martin AMR22 .

Behind the wheel of this vehicle will once again be the driver Bernd Maylander, which will be able to do its job at the controls of a vehicle designed by the brand’s engineering team in Graydon. The Vantage Safety Car has participated with this function in various competitions, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but now this car has been adapted to be able to move without problems on a Formula 1 circuit.

L’Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car received performance improvements to be able to take on her new role, but it has also been equipped to be more efficient. Several radio antennas were installed, an LED license plate at the rear and a light bar, also with LED technology, on the roof, tailor-made for the car.

Inside, the driver and co-driver can receive the same warning signals that drivers of a single-seater do. In addition, to provide her with a more “exciting” role, she was also installed a camera in the cabin che allows to convey to viewers everything that happens inside.

Aston Martin, in addition to the safety car, also the medical car

The other Aston Martin designated as a medial car is the DBX. The SUV has several modifications that make it an ideal car to perform this task. It has sport seats approved by the FIA, with six anchor points and screens to be able to follow the race from the vehicle and know in an instant where it is necessary to intervene. The equipment includes several fire extinguishers and a large medical kit to quickly access the injured and offer them first aid.

Aston Martin Safety car

The automaker acknowledges that using the Aston Martin DBX is not entirely altruistic. All the data collected during the race allowed the brand to develop the DBX 707 model, the high-performance variant. With the presence of these two cars in Formula 1, the brand is therefore ready to participate in the competition and to guarantee the safety of the participants in case of need.