ASUS AIO: All coolers with 12th generation Intel Core support

I cooler con supporto Intel Core di 12esima generazione di ASUS AIO thumbnail

The all-in-ones from the ASUS AIO series (ROG Ryujin, ROG Strix and TUF Gaming are now supplied with the mounting kit for LGA 1700. ASUS Z690 motherboards also include mounting holes for LGA 1200.

ASUS AIO: the included mounting kits arrive

ASUS announces that all-in-one (AIO) coolers ROG Ryujin, ROG Strix e TUF Gaming will be supplied with a mounting kit for LGA 1700. This choice was made to ensure full compatibility with all motherboard models Z690 being deployed. The kit for these premium coolers ASUS AIO includes a mounting bracket, back plate, and four screws.

The full list of suitable coolers is: ROG Ryujin II 360, ROG Ryujin II 240, ROG Strix LC II 360, ROG Strix LC II 360 ARGB, ROG Strix LC II 280 ARGB, ROG Strix LC II 240, ROG Strix LC II 240 ARGB, ROG Strix LC II 120 ARGB, TUF Gaming LC 240 ARGB and TUF Gaming LC 120 ARGB. The ASUS range of coolers comes with a six-year warranty and high-performance radiator fans. Some models also include a customizable LCD panel and ARGB LEDs.

All ASUS Z690 motherboards also have mounting holes for LGA 1200 as well as LGA 1700. Therefore, if current owners of ASUS AIO coolers have a mounting kit for LGA 1200 that comes with the cooler, they can run easily upgrade to any Z690 motherboard.