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Granarolo and Cubbit: union of intents for secure and sustainable data management

The collaboration between Granarolo and Cubbit is an example of the use of the geo-distributed cloud in the cooperative world, let’s find out more

Granarolo SpA e Cubbit announce the launch of an agreement which provides for the entry of Granarolo into Cubbit’s Next Generation Cloud, the first geo-distributed cloud storage network in Europa dedicated to companies. Cubbit, partner Of Gaia-X, is the first European geo-distributed cloud storage enabler. Gartner identifies the distributed cloud among the technology trends of the decade and Cubbit is the only company in Europe to have developed a proprietary technology in this sector of avant-garde. By joining the Next Generation Cloud program, Granarolo is equipped with cloud storage technology geo-distributed Of Cubbit: a new archiving model that responds to Granarolo’s needs to manage large quantities of data e Big Data securely, cross-platform and with high performance. This new technology will make it easier for Granarolo to manage economic-management data and data relating to sustainability, given that in the next two years, also following the adoption of the CSRD, it will be necessary to have a more precise measurement of indicators not previously reported.

Granarolo and Cubbit: union of intents for secure and sustainable data management

The reasons for the agreement and the declarations | Granarolo and Cubbit

The digitization started by the Granlatte cooperative and its subsidiary Granarolo SpA has oriented towards this innovative choice which represents a small revolution, aimed at storing and managing data in a streamlined, widespread way, with a guarantee in terms of security, thanks to encrypted and fragmented data, and significant savings in terms of costs (until all’80% compared to services on the market) and sustainability, with particular reference to the CO2 produced (25kg less for each TB saved on Cubbit compared to traditional clouds) and the recycling of hardware resources already present in the company.

President Gianpiero Calzolari commented on the event as follows:

We are experimenting with various solutions aimed at reducing our environmental impact. If we think that the global impact of the ICT ecosystem is close to 1500 TWh/year, which impacts around 10% of global energy consumption (1/3 is attributable to storage), we understand how geo- distributed, for a large, internationalized and growing company like Granarolo, could be a turning point. We are in an experimental phase, the hope is to be able to extend the technology to the over 600 members of the cooperative present in 12 Italian regions, an ideal ecosystem for distributed storage such as that of the Cubbit solution.

Also Alessandro Cillario, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit declined to comment on the incident:

The fact that a leading company with a high level of internationalization like Granarolo decides to join the network of pioneers of the Next Generation Cloud makes us enthusiastic. Furthermore, a geo-distributed cloud is by definition cooperative, because each member of the network contributes to the development of the service. Also for this we found ourselves in full harmony.

Also Stefano Onofri, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit wanted to underline an important aspect:

Next Generation Cloud Pioneers is the program in which we involve companies that have a pioneering spirit and want to test themselves with an emerging innovation such as that of the geo-distributed cloud. It is a new cloud paradigm, cheaper, safer and more sustainable.

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