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Atomic Heart: release date revealed

After an endless series of rebounds and false hopes, even for Atomic Heart, the time has finally come for the release date to be revealed

According to the latest leaks and rumors about it, the game should have been released in March next year, but apparently we will have to wait “only” until the end of February to be able to play a game of Atomic Heart. So let’s go to understand the situation a little better!

Atomic Heart: appointment in February 2023

The first person shooter of the Russian developer Mundfish and French editor and distributor Focus Entertainment, a name behind several sports and strategic titles, have therefore finally confirmed that the game will be released in the first half of next year. Indeed, to be more precise, the title will be officially launched on February 21, 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, and it will also be available on the Game Pass since day one, so it’s not missing that much all in all. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that, according to the trailer that we post below, are pre orders already open!

According to what Mundfish recently stated, Atomic Heart will have an estimated duration of about twenty hours and will see players immersed in a utopian futuristic world where robots and mutant monsters are taking over humanity. In essence, it is as if the Terminator series were joined, with a little imagination, to that of Fallout in Soviet sauce if we want to see it like this.

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