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Braun and Belén: together for the new Silk-expert Pro 5 campaign

Braun and Belén Rodriguez reveal the secrets of hair removal at home, the established presenter is still the protagonist of the new campaign for Silk-expert Pro 5

Belén Rodriguez returns to be the protagonist of the new campaign of Braun per Silk-expert Pro 5, the fastest, most efficient and safest pulsed light epilator that allows permanent removal of visible hair, even at home. And it is precisely the walls of the house where, according to the results of the research conducted by Braun in collaboration with the Institute of Social and Marketing Research Eumetra.

Il 76% of Italian women prefer to shave. But not only that, hair removal is now an integral part of the beauty routine for well 99% of women interviewed and is performed mainly to feel good about themselves (62%). In fact, the relationship with the hair is often conflictual: while accepting them over others more than 8 out of 10 women does not love them on herself, revealing that she has sometimes given up or, postponed some activities of her daily life, from the more playful ones such as going to the beach (64%), wearing short dresses and clothing (55%), to others more important such as medical visits (25%) or having intimate relationships (21%).

Braun and Belén: together for the new Silk-expert Pro 5 campaign

Silk-expert Pro 5

Through the new Silk-expert Pro 5 pulsed light campaign, Braun confirms its commitment to meeting all those looking for long-lasting hair removal in the comfort of their own home, helping to feel freer, more self-confident and without “the burden of hair removal”. Allied in this mission is still Belén Rodriguez, Ambassador of the brand for more than two years and protagonist of the commercial, flanked by others early-adopters of pulsed light.

With a look into the camera and small skilful gestures, in a few seconds Belén illustrates to viewers how to obtain an effective and lasting permanent hair removal of visible hair through the Braun Silk-expert Pro 5, the epilator capable of permanently removing visible hair, even in the comfort of your own home and with visible results, in the sun 4 weeks.

Braun and Belén: together for the new Silk-expert Pro 5 campaign

Credible performance, safety and ease of use

Credible performance, safety and ease of use at homeare therefore the key concepts of the campaign, also highlighted by the protagonist, as she slides Silk-expert Pro 5 on her skin, sitting comfortably on the sofa, in a context of absolute relaxation and, finally, observes satisfied with the result.

The campaign was created by the agency Wunderman Thompson e, made by the production company Castadiva. The press office and digital PR part is handled by the agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies Italia.

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