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Audi House of Progress returns to Milan Design Week 2023

Audi returns to the Lombard capital with Audi House of Progress. During the Design Week the House of the four rings tells us about its journey towards carbon neutrality.

So dto 17 to 23 April, Audi chooses the location of the House of Progress Quadrilateral Square. This is Portrait Milano’s private courtyard with public access. The hotel of the Florentine hospitality brand Lungarno Collection, owned by the historic Ferragamo family.

An evocative space in one of the historic Milanese places. We have seen other collaborations with Audi, in the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Design Week. All this before officially opening under the name of Portrait Milano in December 2022.

The location of the location represents a new destination in the fashion district. On this occasion, it will attract the public of Milan Design Week from the double entrance of Corso Venezia 11 and Via Sant’Andrea 10.

Audi House of Progress arrives at Milan Design Week 2023, source Audi Press OfficeAudi House of Progress lands at Milan Design Week 2023, Skysphere Concept, source Audi Press Office

Audi House of Progress, that’s how it will be

At the center of the exhibition space will be the installation ‘The Domino Act’ by designer Gabriele Chiave with Controvento, the creative collective born in 2022 that works on a wide range of design and art direction projects, and of which Chiave himself is a co-founder. The installation consists of 22 monoliths arranged in a circle that interact with the surrounding environment and with light. It is the artistic reinterpretation of the concept of sustainability through that of ‘dominoes’ to underline how a decision in a strategic area can trigger a virtuous process impacting on others.

The installation, interpretation of the theme Design Re-Evolution, takes up the concept of circular economy which is the basis of Audi progress, understood as resource saving, conservation and recycling of materials during production. The closed cycles of raw materials with a high energy impact (aluminium, water, plastic, glass, paper, steel) are thus represented, also referred to by the tactile displays present within the installation.

Audi House of Progress, dalla “curcular economy” alla Skysphere concept

In the courtyard, at the center of the installation Audi House of Progress will be exhibited Skysphere concept. The futuristic roadster full electric with a variable pitch that will make its absolute debut for the Italian public, to symbolize how technological progress and emotion can arise from a totally sustainable approach based on the circular economy.

Strengthened by the partnership that has linked the Brand to the Montenapoleone District since 2014, Audi’s entry into the future of mobility is also underlined by the presence in Via Montenapoleone of Audi SQ8 e-tron preview for the Italian public. Audi SQ8 is the sports version of the Audi Q8 e-tron, the evolution of the first Audi car produced with zero emissions and the first electric car of the Brand with the four rings.

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