Audi’s sustainable future passes through the Sphere range

Gamma Sphere, il futuro sostenibile di Audi è nelle concept car thumbnail

Time and space in gamma Sphere from the concept car Of Audirepresent the future sustainable of the brand. The general truth is that there is one mission. The challenge among builders is to quickly reach the goals from the decarbonization.

Ecco Audi start moving in steps towards the future from 2021. Skysphere it opens the track for the concept cars of the Sphere range. They add up Grandsphere In the 2021, Urbansphere In the 2022. Finally, in 2023 Activespherewhich even turns into a pickup with a key.

Gamma Sphere, Audi’s sustainable future is in concept cars. Audi Activesphere, official website source

The Sphere range with a visual impact that is not only futuristic

We all agree, every time we stumble upon an image of the gamma Sphere we remain open-mouthed. The prototypes are a strong sign of how Audi is shedding its skin, to adapt to the future of the automotive industry. He does it with class, attention to detail and inserts every kind of technology.

We will already move thanks to technology, we will be increasingly connected, above all at the center of mobility there are our needs to satisfy.

Through the visual impact, the brand communicates the industrial transformation of the company and its always cutting-edge design.

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AI, technology, circular economy and aesthetic standards

For the House of the four rings the gamma Sphere is the synthesis of new aesthetic canons, of lighting technology, ofartificial intelligence and of circular economy. Above all, Audi creates a bridge between the present and the future to amaze its audience by showing itself up to the market.

After all, the avant-garde is in the DNA of the house of Ingolstadt. In 1980 the iconic Audi Ur-Quattro debuts and brings the Quattro all-wheel drive.

Then a what are the prototypes for? Over time, it’s just them a give a new course to productions, introducing elements into the cars we drive.

Beyond the various technological applications proposed by the four prototypes, the Sphere range once again highlights the key aspect of automotive production for achieving carbon neutrality. This translates into circular economy with the closed cycles of aluminium, steel, glass, plastic and water.

Gamma Sphere, Audi's sustainable future is in concept cars.  Skysphere, official site sourceGamma Sphere, Audi’s sustainable future is in concept cars. Audi Skysphere, official website source

Again, we can add that Audi is currently the only manufacturer on the scene of the European market premium that has an entire electric range. Which production is certified carbon neutralaims at the clear reduction of its carbon footprint with the use of renewable energy, recycled materials and the implementation of closed cycles of the necessary materials.

Nice concept car animal skin coverings are banned. While wood finds a new dimension. Like veneers using the eucalyptus wood ecologically certified or they prefer the bamboo and the hornbeamfaster in growth than traditional wood and from green cultivation.

Gamma Sphere, Audi's sustainable future is in concept cars.  Audi Grandsphere, official website sourceGamma Sphere, Audi’s sustainable future is in concept cars. Audi Grandsphere, official website source

Audi sustainability passes through the Sphere range

A taste of the sustainable approach of the prototypes can also be found in the current production. In the model Q8 e-tron there are elements made with plastic waste cars subjected to recycling. In the e-tron GTinstead we make use of the closed loop ofaluminumthe gamma A4of steel recycling. For the specimen Q4 e-tron the windshield is made in secondary glass.

Sweets in the bottom of the Suv Q5 is produced, as well Q8 e-tronwithout generating sewage thanks to the closed water cycle.