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Hitler’s tasters, the new film by Silvio Soldini

Silvio Soldini is making a film on Hitler’s tasters, inspired by a true story and a novel by Rosella Postorino which tells of women tasked with tasting meals intended for Hitler

The true story that inspired Rosella Postorino’s The Tasters will become a film directed by Silvio Soldini. Although the protagonist of Rosella Postorino’s novel is the fruit of her imagination, the story told is based on real events and is inspired, specifically, by that of Margot Wolkwho passed away shortly before their meeting. Campiello Prize of 2018, The Tasters is set during the Second World War and tells the horrors experienced on the skin of women whose job it was to protect Hitler’s life by tasting his meals. And that story, based on true events, also inspired the making of a film, directed by Silvio Soldini.

Hitler's tasters, the new film by Silvio Soldini

Hitler’s tasters, a film by Silvio Soldini

We are in 1943. The SS recruits women to taste the food to be served to Hilter and verify the absence of any poisons. The women are then forced to taste something that could potentially kill them and at the same time their salvation matches that of the dictator. The protagonist of the novel is Rosa Sauer, a young woman who recently moved to a small rural village where her husband Gregor, a soldier, was born and raised by her husband. Together with nine other women, Rosa becomes one of Hitler’s tasters: breakfast, lunch and dinner to taste to prevent the Führer from dying of poison. And it is also drawing inspiration from his best-selling novel that a film based on the true story of the Führer’s tasters is on the way.

Currently the film entitled in original language The Tasters has been announced at the Cannes Film Festival. The start of production is estimated for autumn/winter 2023 and the German cast is currently under wraps, so we don’t know which actors and actresses will lead the film. Produced by Lumière & Co and in co-production with Tarantula and Tellfilmthe film will bring the Milanese director back to the cinema after two years of inactivity.

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