Aukey Bluetooth speaker review: a best buy?

Aukey’s SK-A2 Bluetooth speaker really surprised us a lot with its quality. Let’s find out the positives and negatives in this review.

It’s about the model SK-A2, and it is one bluetooth speaker with whom Aukey strategically positions itself in the vast market of Wireless Speaker with an interesting product from a price point of view.

In short, this case has almost everything that is expected of these products, but it also has some drawbacks, which for this price we can also accept. Made of rubber and plastic, it boasts an excellent construction, has no particular functions but takes care of the essentials. Let’s find out more about this portable speaker.

Aukey Bluetooth speaker review: a best buy?

Unboxing and build quality | Aukey Bluetooth Speaker Review

Aukey SK-A2 comes in a quite small and minimal package. Inside, in addition to the case, we find a cavo Jack – Jack for direct connection as audio output between an “A” device (in this case the speaker) and a “B” device such as a PC or a Smartphone. We then find the USB charging cable, that, is type Cable-A / Cable Tipe-C, the related manuals and the inevitable sticker typical of the brand.

The design is simple and minimal, there are no elements that particularly stand out and that’s a lot Elegant. Nothing to criticize the construction, that is very solid and robust. In the upper part we have the 4 keys, and being gods push buttons are really a lot comfortable to use in all conditions.

The keys are the classics, we find the switch on and off (which occurs with a long press), the keys to adjust the volume, and finally the convenient Stop and Play key which is also the key that allows you to answer calls. In the upper central part of the case we find a Blue status LED, which will indicate the status of operation and activity.

The TWS speakers are two, made with 10W dynamic drivers and two subwoofers. Quite small and portable, it measures 17.5 x 4.9 x 6.6 cm. It is waterproof: with standard of IP67 protection, therefore resistant to dust and liquids with protection from temporary immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 m depth for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is really light with its barely 526 grams.

You have sides we find on one side a cap made of rubber with two inputs, for which we have precisely the two cables supplied. Discovered the cap we find the entrance Micro USB for charging and audio jack. On the opposite side we have a removable hook, very comfortable as a feature. On the other hand, it is always stable on any surface thanks to its 4 rubber ball feet.

The use test and conclusions

Bluetooth is in version 5.0, and certainly ensures one good connection, without abnormal disconnections. The autonomy is incredible, let’s talk about 28 hours declared, and we are probably fully there, after a week of heavy use I only recharged on the sixth day. IS it charged in about 3 and a half hours.

The audio quality is certainly not perfect, but for what it costs we can not expect more. L’equalization is “balanced ”towards the low frequencies, maybe too much. In fact, we have very full-bodied and emphasized basses, at the expense of high sounds, which are not very high, on the contrary, they tend to be perceived a little because of the bass. At maximum volume a little bit of overall quality is lost.

In short, without infamy and without praise. For this Aukey SK-A2 Bluetooth speaker review that’s it, after all the quality in general is still enjoyable for your price, if you have a low budget in general it is a good product, but without too many pretensions. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

Without infamy and without praise

Points in favor

  • Good battery
  • Excellent construction
  • IP67 protection

Points against

  • Equalization unbalanced towards the bass
  • Low-emphasized high sounds
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