Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review. The manufacturer enters the world that is scientifically indicated with Fascia Training, will he be successful?

Before going into the review of Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3, I think it is right to explain why you should buy a similar electronic device, and above all, to whom it is directed. All this could probably be taken for granted for an audience of amateur sportsmen and not but, for the most part it is not.

Even if taken for granted, we specify that we are not doctors, nor, our intent is to give medical opinions, but we deal extensively with the technological sector of electronics, just like the product we will see today, which is not proposed as a medical instrument but which belongs to the category of electronics. Which originates, however, from those specific for therapeutic use. And what then historically they were first born for the therapeutic and sports sector, to then land in the large consumer electronics market. Therefore, you will find to each information reported, the relative source, correlated with scientific research. Let’s not get lost in chat anymore, and let’s get to the heart of the review.

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

What does science say? | Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review

Let’s start from the origin. This instrument belongs in turn to a very wide family of products, which are those assigned to what is called in medicine Myofascial release. Scientific research, especially the sector aimed at the world of physiotherapy, over the years has increasingly studied the Fascia. That is that part of our body that in anatomy is described as composed of a fibrous tissue, its function is structural, in fact we refer to a connective tissue that covers the single muscles, and groups, blood vessels and nerves, joining some structures, and allowing others to slide over each other.

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

It has been possible to observe from scientific research, especially from the research carried out by the well-known German professor and international researcher Robert Schleip, that this structure of the nervous system, in the past little studied, actually reserves considerable research ideas. For example, it has been seen that pathologies such as muscle tension, neck tension, and the like, may actually originate from an inflammation of this structure, and that precisely from the treatment of the same, the patients studied showed improvements.

These researches and studies have led to an enrichment in the years of one branch of physiotherapy, or that manual. International research centers have created the label for this medical problem, rheumatology for example has in fact called all this Myofascial Pain Syndrome. The syndrome characterized by chronic pain in several points said Trigger Point Miofasciali, or commonly knots, e fascial constrictions (connective tissue).

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

The therapeutic world has therefore developed and employed different techniques over time to treat these Trigger Points, and therefore treat the inflammations of the tissues given by the Myofascial Pain Syndrome, thanks to different techniques of Myofascial Release. We think that among the first to talk about these therapeutic and trigger point techniques was Dr. Janet Travell, physician and rheumatologist staff of the President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy. If we were clear enough, we understood that these Trigger Points originate the whole central “node”, but what exactly are they?

In 1942 the term was born Trigger Point Miofasciali, to indicate muscle pain in specific points. The 1922 text by Dr. David G. Simons “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction – The Trigger Point Manual“Made school. Since then, several Physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and athletic trainers have focused on this aspect, defining these Trigger Points as tense and painful areas of the muscle.

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

Dr. Janet Travell alongside John F. Kennedy

When a trigger point is born, our muscle fibers shorten and maintain a permanent state of contraction, which causes stiffness and pain radiating throughout the area. It causes poor posture, repeated exertion, abnormal load, or emotional distress. Such a situation can give rise to one microlesion of the sarcoplasmic reticulum, causing over time, repeated contractions up to affect more muscle fibers in the same area. This leads to the creation of a taut band, clearly palpable by a professional to the touch.

These myofascial trigger points are one of the most frequent causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Over time, science has developed various techniques for treatment. The Dry Needling is one of these, together with the largest category of Manual Treatment in physiotherapy. Which provides, in addition to the hands of the expert, the help of some tools such as the IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) Tool, Foam Roller, and as we said at the beginning, also massage guns. The goal is to treat and eliminate these Trigger Points, promoting improved blood circulation, stretching the local stretch band, relaxing and acting on the surrounding band.. In this way, several studies have shown a reduction in local inflammation, bringing results in the treatment of widespread pathological conditions such as muscle tension and cervical inflammation. To date, there are many physiotherapy centers on the Italian territory that successfully use these therapeutic techniques.

Here’s how it works | Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review

Having made this long but necessary premise, let’s move on to the product that we have as the protagonist today, the first massage gun from Aukey, a brand that is increasingly expanding in the electronics sector.

Is called Massage Gun Reimagined. Widely exploited in the world of Bodybuilding, first these tools landed in the sector professional and physiotherapy, to then be exploited in the world of sport at 360 degrees, from football to sports such as triathlon (we think of Alessandro Degasperi, large user) or for cycling.

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

Well-known model used in the medical and sports fields

As always over time, just as it has happened with tools such as the electro-stimulator, the massage gun has landed in the consumer sector, not sectorial, but of all. Looking out to the general public, it is likely that the less experienced may not understand the nature of the product. We specify that this is not a professional product, like other models of companies specializing in products for medical and sports use. This model is an amateur product, which is a good starting point to get familiar with these types of products.

The MG-C3 pistol, this is its model code, comes with a very nice package. We find a soft fabric bag with the company logo, the manual, and several leaflets. The product and its accessories are arranged inside the shape. We find the power cord, and then the gun.

On the other hand, there is no charger, we do not make a big fault of it as now the trend will be more and more this, and many are adapting on this side. You will then need to use whatever adapter you have. The gun accepts a maximum input of 5V / 2A. And just talking about the battery, we find inside two batteries for a total of 2600 mAh. The charging cable is tipo USB Type C, which is a great thing. Also in the final part, right next to the slot for the charging connector input, there are two smaller slots, from which air escapes, which will be higher based on the type of speed we choose. This expulsion system obviously serves a cool the engine during prolonged use.

The materials are premium, nothing to report. The body is made of plastic, and of excellent quality, to the touch, the feeling is that of a compact and well-built product. The internal part, on the other hand, including the attachment nozzle for accessories, is made of aluminum. The entry of the accessories is stable and do not make abnormal movements during use. The engine instead, Aukey calls it Quiet Power, to want to focus attention on efficiency, which as we will see is really very good.

Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review: perfect for newbies!

The relaxing decontracting massage allows you to gradually enter the deeper layers of the muscle fascia. For this reason, there are several interchangeable heads. We leave you at this link one scientific research conducted to show the progress achieved by using the so-called Massage Guns, dagli specialisti Zubia Veqar e Shagufta Imtiyaz, known in the sector, and reported on the prestigious platform National Library of Medicine.

Here instead, to learn more about the topic, you can take a look at this illustrative video conducted byApa Institute, Italian center of physiotherapy and osteopathic experts, where they show the effects conducted on a patient with the aid of an ultrasound.

How does it behave in use? | Aukey Massage Gun MG-C3 review

Starting from the battery, the duration is truly exceptional, the manufacturer declares 7 hours of use. In any case, it depends on the type of speed with which you will use this tool. As for the charge, in about 4 hours it charged from 0 to 100%, with a 5V / 2A adapter. You have to make a long press to turn it on and off.

There is a Indicator LED, which obviously has the function of showing the charge level. In particular the light emitted will be green if the battery is at a state greater than 50%, yellow when it is at a state between 25 and 50%, e red in the range from 0 to 25%. When it is being charged, the indicator will flash in the color indicated for each charging step. Our advice is to recharge to approximately 50% charge, to be clear at the yellow level, and do not let the charge drop below 50%.

The battery lasts really long overall, but it depends on how you use it. Obviously, always used at maximum speed it will consume more, but in any case the duration is really high. Aukey declares about 7 hours, I have easily reached 8 hours, obviously divided into several weekly workouts, and several weeks. Using it for approx 10 minutes at the beginning of training and 10/20 minutes at the end of training I have quietly covered a training session consisting of 4 weekly sessions.

The effects are remarkable, both for obtaining a good warm-up phase of the affected muscle, and for a good cool-down phase. Being very light it is easy to use. Are present 4 heads and each tends to address a specific muscle district. Personally I found myself very well with the soft ball for muscle groups such as the pectoral, quadriceps and hamstring, and with the conical shape for the trapezius muscle in particular, also to relieve a possible post-workout tension which, after several days from the session it could generate the classic cervical headache.

The speeds are 4, and, net of …

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