Availability of Xbox and PS5 will improve over the course of the year

La disponibilità di Xbox e PS5 migliorerà nel corso dell'anno thumbnail

Next-gen consoles are still hard to find, yet it appears that the availability of PS5 e Xbox Series X/S however, it can improve over the course of the year. Of course, the shortage of semiconductors is still having repercussions on the production of the sector, yet careful work would seem to be able to solve the issue in the best possible way. At least according to what was declared by Juergen Starkchief executive officer and president of Turtle Beach, during his meeting with investors.

Xbox and PS5: Availability could improve by 2022

“Our expectation is that supply constraints will decrease significantly before the Christmas holidays begin,” Stark said in response to a question about Xbox and PS5 availability later in the year. “Not that we don’t expect shipping times to get much shorter or anything like that, the improvement and performance of the offering on Xbox and PlayStation is primarily driven by the fact that we’ve all been in this situation, for well over a year. “. The CEO added that the company is looking to place orders well in advance. And who expects that Sony e Microsoft do the same for next-gen consoles.

“So, our lead times for semiconductor ordering, all of this, are like crazy, but they’re no longer hindering our supply because we’re used to it. And we place orders well in advance. And we expect Microsoft and Sony to do the same thing. And when that takes effect, the supply constraint should loosen. We can’t predict with certainty, of course, but that’s certainly what we’re assuming in numbers and I would – I think it’s a reasonable guess. ” At this point, we hope Juergen Stark is right. Because this would mean that the availability of PS5 and Xbox could become effective later in the year.

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