Dead Space Remake: announced a new Livestream

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Dead Space Remake will return to show itself shortly in a new Livestream. Let’s find out all the details in this news

As had already been anticipated in the past months of this year, we will soon be able to give a new look at the much anticipated Dead Space remake in a brand new Livestream. The title, currently in development at Motive Studios, was shown the last time last March, with a direct focused in particular on the technical part relating to the audio sector of the game. Now it seems that Electronic Arts has decided to reveal other interesting news on the upcoming title, to the delight of all fans.

Here is the date of the new Livestream dedicated to Dead Space Remake

A brand new Livestream dedicated to Dead Space Remake is officially coming in a few days. Every live broadcast showed us a new glimpse on the title, which is proposed as an experience true to the original 2008 chapter, but at the same time promising several renewed mechanics. Therefore it is easy to understand how eagerly awaits this new upcoming event.

The title of the live broadcast, as announced by the software house, is “Crafting the Tension”And this time it seems to be focused on artistic sector of the game. In all likelihood, it will therefore be possible to find out more about the design of the dark game universe (and the various elements that compose it), in which we will be able to immerse ourselves at the launch of the title, which should take place in the first part of 2023. To find out what the development team has in store for fans, all that remains is to tune in for the live broadcast this Thursday 12 May 2022, at 19:00.

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