Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora reaches gold

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Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment Na’vi-gano in the gold of Avatar: the highly anticipated gold phase also arrives for the promising Frontiers of Pandora

We can prepare for the blue adventure of UbisoftWhy Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has finally reached the expected goal of fase gold. This means, for those who don’t remember when TT Games “easily explained” the concept for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, that the game’s release date is set in stone. The game is ready to be shipped in physical format to storeswith a release on the marketplaces on the same day to be fair, starting from December 7. The praise that the transalpine publisher dedicated to the development team Massive Entertainment it is already a reason for jubilation for those who worked on the project; going out on the same day as the gaming red carpet is simply poetic.

Ubisoft’s gold: Frontiers of Pandora reaches the gold phase, Avatar is preparing to break into the world of video games

Naturally, the day one patch can never be ruled out, but any possible danger of further postponement should be definitively averted. Last week the development team revealed that it had set the first-person view at the beginning of development, to make the experience as immersive as James Cameron’s ambitious films. At the expense of the push up PS5 in marketing, the game will also be available on Xbox Series X, PC e Xbox Series S. The version for Sony’s flagship console will make extensive use of DualSense features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. There’s not much left left until we return to Pandora now: we just have to be patient for more three weeks.

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