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Avatar – The Water Street breaks through at the Asian box office

Avatar: The Waterway continues its run at the box office, especially in the Asian market between China and Korea, but something curious has happened in Japan: let’s see what

Avatar – La via dell’acqua, as was entirely predictable, is not having problems at the world box office (in Italy we are already approaching 12 million euros), now driven by the Asian one, whose market by number of users is a driving force for the global one. However it is news these days that in one country in particular the new film by James Cameron it did not reach the top of the chart.

We’re talking about Japan, where Avatar 2 has been overtaken by something that the Japanese public obviously cared much more about, an anime and is based on a beloved brand for almost thirty years in those parts. We are talking about The First Slam Dunk is the first feature-length CGI anime dedicated to the world created by Takehiko Inoue. Evidently the Japanese nostalgia for this world, which has been missing from oriental screens since 1995, has attracted much more than the sequel to Avatar, which in any case has not disappointed expectations in terms of collections. Despite the second place, the new film brought home the beauty of 3,900,000 dollars.

Avatar – The water way: the numbers of the box office

The First Slam Dunk, released on December 3 in Japan, has so far totaled a whopping $22 million at the Japanese box office. If the disappointment in the Japanese market can be felt, Avatar – The water way still stands at world figures that at the moment are close to 500 million dollars. And if the first Avatar started in 2009 in Japan with 6,900,000 dollars, concluding its record run with 170 million, Avatar 2 focuses on the new markets of China and South Korea. The most significant figure is that of China, with just under $70 million in five days of programming, which would probably be many more if the country had not returned to 2020 levels in terms of Covid infections. The numbers from South Korea are also excellent, the third best world market for Avatar, behind the USA and China, with well 30 million dollars collected on the opening weekend and the real possibility of approaching 100.

Avatar – La via dell’acqua continues to generate receipts in Italy and alone holds up the entire Italian market. Last weekend it closed at around one million, for a total of almost 12 million euros. The other securities do not exist, which do not exceed a few tens of thousands of euros. But in this regard, we await the release of The Fabelmans, which could move the box office rankings.

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