MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review: the summit is close

Recensione MOUNTAIN Makalu 67: la vetta è vicina

In this review we are going to discover MOUNTAIN’s gaming mouse, the Makalu 67. Will we be able to slide to the top?

A few days ago we started getting to know and discover the brand MOUNTAIN. On that occasion we had dealt with the Everest 60, a compact keyboard with the ability to connect a numeric keypad to the right or left. For more details on this, we refer you to our article. Today, in this review, we will deal with the MOUNTAIN Makalu 67, the gaming mouse designed to facilitate the climb to the top for all players. How did he behave in our hands? Let’s find out together.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 127 × 70,2 × 42,2 mm
  • Weight: 67 g
  • Sensor: PixArt PAW3370
  • Encoder: ALPS
  • Maximum PPE: 19.000
  • LOD (take off distance): 1-2mm
  • Tracking speed: 50 g
  • Lighting: RGB
  • Material: ABS
  • Buttons: 6
  • Memory: up to 5 profiles
  • Refresh rate: 1.000 Hz
  • Connection: via cavo USB type-A

MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review: the summit is close

Design and Packaging – MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Review

That the MOUNTAIN guys had clear ideas right away was understood not only by product quality, but also by a standard packaging adopted for all their peripherals. The Makalu 67 will arrive in a package almost similar to that of the Everest 60 and the numeric keypad. Once the box is opened we will find our peripheral wrapped in a polystyrene foam protection on display. On the opening side we will find the manuals they stickers with the company logo, while gods will also be placed in the small compartment where the thread is kept Replacement mouse feet in PTFE.

The device has a very similar to honeycomb design used lately, albeit more elegant. The structure used by the engineers confers a sturdiness more unique than rare, encountered very few times on mice of this type. The whole merges with a weight of just 67 g which makes it one of the lightest mice on the market. The credit goes to the fact that this design was also used for the sides of the mouse and the bottom and not just for the top in contact with the palm. Only the buttons and the entire front of the mouse are exceptions.

The upper part is also characterized by a fascia RGB which houses the central wheel, the button for changing the PPE (in the standard configuration) and four small leds which will always let you know the configuration adopted. This way we will know immediately if we are playing with 100 o 19,000 DPI according to the parameters set with the software after the first configuration. On the side instead we find the two side buttons now typical of every mouse.

MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review: the summit is close

Top performance – MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review

As we anticipated, this mouse weighs only 67g and its dimensions of 127 × 70.2 × 42.2mm make it suitable for any type of hand. Not just the greatness, but the type of grip won’t make much difference either. Whether you are lovers “of the claw“Or”palm“, the grip will be perfect. Much is due to the fact that such a structure it makes the palm sweat very littleleaving the hand dry and giving us more grip.

The design, however, is only one of the factors that allows us to have excellent performance. The Omron switches they manage to give a truly unmatched reaction speed to clicks and up to 50 million. We haven’t noticed any involuntary double-clicking issues in our experience and this is very important, especially in fast-paced games where every second can be vital. Also there wheel with the ALPS encoder she seemed very accurate during the sessions, allowing us to perform flawless weapon changes in shooters.

To this click responsiveness is added that of the sensore PixArt PAW3370. The latter allows you to enjoy from 100 to 19,000 DPI without ever losing the precision that distinguishes it. There refresh rate of 1,000 Hz, a LOD of 1-2 mm it’s a tracking speed up to 50g will allow you to give your best on every occasion. Whether it’s a slightly slower game or a fast-paced shooter, you can give your all on any occasion.

The only drawback could come toabsence of a second button for PPE. In fact, a key forces us to make cycles ago the 5 profiles we have set, but what happens if we have to go back to the previous one? Doing the round again is inconvenient, not to mention that it could cost us the game. They could then set up the side keys for this taskwhile the central one could be set up for something else, although this means affecting navigation in the various browsers or other programs that allow you to go back and forward in the screens.

Good support software – MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review

Another solution could be that of create a dedicated profile for games that we use the most and directly set the preferred PPE. In this way, every time we start that title our Makalu 67 will set itself with the best settings. However, this is only possible with software Base Camp of MOUNTAIN, a fundamental point in the review of the Everest 60 and that in this one concerning the Makalu 67 mouse gets even more importance.

However, setting a new profile is not all we can do with this program. It will indeed be possible change all 5 PPE parameters, trying to select the ones that best suit our style of play. We can also assign a different function to each mouse button to facilitate our task, perhaps by putting the button for the launch of the grenades or the melee on the side ones in order to be more reactive and efficient.

It will also be possible customize the refresh rate, the sensitivity of the mouse, click speed, the response time of the keys and also the take-off distance to better fit the mouse to the surface. Last, but certainly not least, will be the activation of the “angular snap“. This option allows us to have a cleaner lateral and vertical scrolling, avoiding, as far as possible, diagonal movements. However, customization is not limited only to the technical aspect of the mouse, but also concerns the aesthetic one. Just as expected, it will be possible change the RGB strip lighting with various patternsthe brightness and the speed with which the various effects are performed.

MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 review: the summit is close

One step away from the summit

We have reached the end of this review regarding the MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 gaming mouse and it is therefore time to take stock. The maturity of the company can be seen in the small details and, although the honeycomb is now a standard theme, the engineers have been able to reinvent it, giving a solidity equal only to lightness of this device. The main body has a nice grip and the structure avoids excessive sweating of the hands which could compromise the grip.

The PixArt PAW3370 sensor makes it a reliable companion in any situation and guarantees us an excellent accuracy to say the least. Also the responsiveness of the keys is excellentalthough 6 is not the perfect number for a mouse designed to provide maximum support in every field. Another central button to decrease the DPI would certainly have been usefulavoiding having to sacrifice the side ones for this purpose.

Both visual and technical customization are good, with the possibility of setting different profiles for every need. We remind you that the mouse is available for purchase at recommended price of € 59.99. For this review regarding the MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 that’s all. In order not to miss future news related to the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of!

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