B license quiz: definitive guide to pass the B license quiz

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As we know the b license quizzes are not easy and could represent an obstacle, but with the right strategy the exam could become easier than you might think.

Obtaining the driving license B is everyone’s dream, in fact, having reached the age of majority, or the wonderful 18 years, the first thing people want to do is to obtain a driving license

This not only demonstrates a watershed between adolescence and adulthood, but rather determines a phase of real autonomy of the person, because one is no longer dependent on one’s parents when traveling.

Within this article, we at Easy-Quizzz, an innovative platform dedicated to practicing quizzes for any type of driving license and public competitions, want to provide you with some tips to allow you to pass the long-awaited theory test at the first attempt.

Well, having said that, start saying something interesting.

Driving license quiz B: how to overcome the theory

Very well, let’s get to the heart of the topic immediately by illustrating a technique that can take you to the next level.

First of all, remember that good preparation is essential to arrive confident on the day of the test, but how do you build a solid and important preparation?

Simple, start by finding a manual also in kindle format and insert it on your smartphone or tablet, and start with small steps and study sessions even for 10 minutes, the important thing that during the day you will have done at least 60 minutes of study, in a little less than a week you will already begin to see the first results so much that you will be amazed.

Second step, this is essential because it must be done in synergy with the manual, but don’t worry here, we at Easy-Quizzz will help you, inviting you to visit our website, very intuitive and easy to use.

This second step, concerns the exercise of the quizzes with the help of the simulator, you must also know by now, that the tests will no longer take place with pen and paper, but for a smarter question and of approach to European standards it will be carried out with the IT tools.

So, not to be caught unprepared and experiment with this new method on the day of driving license quiz b, begin to familiarize yourself with the method first.

Driving license quiz B: it costs to study

As regards the subjects of the test, they can be varied.

We advise you to pay attention to the signs of obligation, to those of danger, the signs in general, play a role of considerable importance because it could be enough to change a direction, up or down, to confuse the candidate and lead him to respond in a manner incorrect.

Furthermore, it is essential to know and know how to use the lights, the sanctioning documents, the Highway Code and what to do in case of danger.

The Highway Code, which represents the legislation par excellence of the automotive sector, is important.

Once this general picture is satisfied, let’s move on to the actual examination.

B license quiz: definitive guide to pass the B license quiz

Driving license quiz B: Theory exam

The theory exam includes the administration of a questionnaire made up of 40 questions, which the candidate can carry out within 30 minutes.

These questions will be chosen from 25 topics present in a database, moreover, to pass the test the candidate cannot commit more than four errors.

Undoubtedly, to overcome the driving license quiz b, exercise is essential.

Driving license quiz B: practical exam

Once the theory that represents the real obstacle has been overcome, we will move on to the second phase, that is the practical exam that will decide the obtaining of the license and consequently the achievement of the set objective.

Some tips, which you will have to remember on the day of the practical exam, are to be relaxed and not arrive with anxiety, which could lead you to commit some negligence, and consequently make you wrong.

Also because that day in the car you will not be alone, but there will be the Engineer who will assess your condition, and as you will have understood, will decide whether to graduate or postpone you.

In any case, remember once you get into the car to put on your seat belts, check the lights once the ignition is turned on and consequently, follow all the instructions provided by the Engineer and you will see that everything will go the right way.


To obtain the driving license B, the candidate can choose two methodologies, one that will bring him an economic advantage, that is, he will have less expenses, while the other method will allow him to save time.

Undoubtedly, the choice will depend on the candidate.

The first approach is that of a private owner where you will have to do everything independently, from handling practices such as booking the Medical Examination, essential for registering for the achievement of the driving license, to the preparation and presentation of the application at the Civil Motorization , while the second is the one that is most commonly used, we are talking about the support of authorized driving schools, or from car practice agencies, which with their qualified staff, will support the candidate from enrollment to obtaining the license.

With this we have concluded our long article, and we invite you to visit us on our platform to immediately start your preparation.