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Babylon’s Fall: Launched a questionnaire to add improvements to the game

The new game from Square Enix and Platinum Games, Babylon’s Fall, receives a questionnaire aimed at players about future improvements to be applied to the game

Platinum Games, backed by Square Enix, has finally debuted in the world of titles game as service onlinand with his new game, Babylon’s Fall. It took several years for this title to be realized, and after a vast period of the most secret silence, only a few months ago the cards on the table were discovered regarding this new work of the videogame studio known for the most disparate singleplayer masterpieces, csuch as Bayonetta, Nier, Astral Chain, Vanquish and many others.

Yet this MMO with action RPG traits mixed with hack and slash he did not know how to win over the players and video game criticism, obtaining very unflattering votes after its release on March 3. On Metacritic, in fact, it is possible to observe a percentage of appreciation that is around no more than 42% on the various platforms, ranking as one of the worst PlatinumGames games ever. However, in the past it has already been possible to see the revenge of some GAAS games from the disastrous start, and it seems that Square Enix doesn’t intend to give up so soon: here then the company wanted to launch a questionnaire to insert improvements in Babylon’s Fall.

The Babylon’s Fall questionnaire and the most pressing improvements

As we said, Square Enix will certainly not want to nip this project in the bud, especially afterwards the numerous ups and downs and development problems which have extended the launch of the title more and more. Proof of this are the polls and questionnaires sent out to Babylon’s Fall players, which they ask the players how the game could be made better; moreover, in a news released by Eurogamer it is stated that a recent questionnaire sent by Square Enix asked users their thoughts on graphics and visuals present in Babylon’s Fall, along with a way to improve the experience of everyone within the PlatinumGames game.

Babylon's Fall: Launched a questionnaire to add improvements to the game

The most recent questionnaire would contain, in addition to the questions related to graphics, also other questions regarding the characters, the equipment, the NPCs, the enemies, the effects during the battle, the UI and in general all the artstyle that imitates an oil painting in Babylon’s Fall. Finally, it is specifically requested from the participantsi which is the visual element of the game that should be changed, before they decide to recommend the game to someone else. In any case, before worrying about the graphics, the Babylon’s Fall team certainly has other more important things to deal with: in addition to the graphic problems, the resolutions of the most problematic aspects of gameplay, multiplayer, game structure and combat are more pressing. . Meanwhile, that Square will find itself to fix the thing, at least, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin seems to have been able to find a more or less well-received launch.

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