Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

We accompany the official release of Back 4 Blood with a guide of helpful tips on how to find and unlock more cards

Back 4 Blood may apparently not stand out too much from Left 4 Dead, the previous saga developed by Turtle Rock Studios, at least as regards the zombie element. However, a rather particular mechanic has been included in the game, with which it will be possible to adjust both the gameplay and the customization of our characters.

We are talking about the Card System, of which you can always have a more detailed guide on our site. In short, the cards will be needed by both players and to the artificial intelligence “referee” of the game (Game Director) to give more spirit and unpredictability to the games. For those who are already aware of how the system is structured, in this guide we are going to see how to behave in Back 4 Blood in order to find and further unlock cards.

Everything has a price

Before introducing the best ways on how to unlock cards, in case you have not yet had the opportunity to learn more about Back 4 Blood, we invite you to read our preview of the game, as well as the most useful tips regarding yours. first approach to the title. We also add that Supply Points are fundamental, a kind of currency that differs from the copper collected during missions, used as a coin in Back 4 Blood. To get them it will be necessary complete Supply missions, which vary in difficulty, duration, objectives and obstacles. There are three proven methods for obtaining new cards, which we will discuss below.

Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

First method: pay – Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

As already mentioned, Back 4 Blood Supply Points are often very useful for unlocking cards; they can in fact be spent at the seller Chenda, located within the Fort Hope camp, which serves as our HUB. The first method therefore consists in going to her, and then making available Supply Lines of various types, including objects, other elements, and even cards. It is important to remember how the Supply Points are limited to online matches, therefore we will not be able to receive them by doing only the single player campaign. Furthermore, it is good to know that in any case microtransactions will not be necessary, since the Points cannot be purchased with real money.

Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

Second method: search – Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

In the second method that we will introduce, we must bear in mind that it will be temporary. In the missions, as previously stated, it is possible to find copper, which will be available for purchase through small white boxes. As a rule, buying from them would cost a few hundred, if not a thousand, pieces of copper. It will then be necessary to implement one savings strategy of the resource, or have a good amount with you once you leave the Refuge. But let’s get to the point: there are boxes similar to these in the game, though free and which contain cards. They are not as powerful as those where you will have to spend the currency, but looking for them while you are already out there won’t be a bad idea.

Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

Third method: work – Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

With the third method, we will be able to unlock cards by achieving certain results, or goals, or objectives, if you prefer; the fact is that in Back 4 Blood there are plenty of them, and with a variety of obtainable rewards, such as Supply Points and cosmetics to customize. In addition, with their completion, cards are also earned: an example is the card Monete Fortunate, reward for the goal “Hero of the Jukebox”. This card will increase the chance of finding more copper when it comes to collecting it. However, it will not be difficult to understand which milestones to complete, as they are all listed on the appropriate page, with lots of indicative details on what to do.

Back 4 Blood: guide on how to unlock more cards

The apocalypse makes the economy run

For this Back 4 Blood guide on how to unlock cards that’s all. As you may have guessed, find them it won’t be complicated, and by playing the game normally in online mode you can get new cards even without too much effort. Also, the absence of microtransactions (for now, at least) is a incentive to play, considering that it will be the only way to improve their Decks and gain an advantage to overcome the Game Director’s plans.

We remind you that Back 4 Blood has a release date set for 12 October 2021, even if users who own the Ultimate Edition already have a way to play it. The platforms on which it will be available are PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series S / X, PC. Keep following us on for other new guides and videogame updates. If you are interested in new games at an affordable price, visit the Instant Gaming store.