Facebook has banned the developer of the Unfollow Everything extension

Facebook ha bannato lo sviluppatore dell'estensione Unfollow Everything thumbnail

Facebook banned content from a developer who created the browser extension Unfollow Everything. This extension allowed users the ability to access additional features for the social network. By using this extension you can, in fact, delete your news feed and stop following pages and other users quickly. The extension in question was created by developer Louis Barclay.

Facebook prohibits the use of the Unfollow Everything extension

Unfollow Everything is an extension for the Chrome browser. Using this extension you can get a complete blocking of unwanted content. At the same time it is possible unfollow pages and friends, completely freeing your news feed of all unwanted content.

The social network has blocked the extension

The features introduced by the extension have been blocked by Facebook. The social network has no interest in providing these additional tools to its users and the blocking of the extension (at the first signs of success among users) was practically immediate. However, the software was reloaded online.

Meantime, developer Louis Barclay has been banned and will not be able to develop any application connected to the various Facebook apps. For the moment, the social network does not seem to intend to retrace its steps. The features introduced by Unfollow Everything will hardly arrive officially.

Users of the social network will have to continue to deal with Facebook’s choices regarding the composition of the News Feed.