The ADATA SE770G review: an all-colored external SSD

La recensione di ADATA SE770G: un SSD esterno tutto colorato thumbnail

L’archiviationne data is very important and, by now, speed has also become a fundamental requirement. For this, in ours review, let’s talk about ADATA SE770G. What are we talking about? It is a SSD esteror, tested in the 1TB cut (although the 512GB version also exists), which is not only very fast, but also shows an interesting look. Sobriety disappears to make room for RGB LED lights. The product is compact, solid and robust and allows you to work efficiently and effectively. Are you curious to find out more? Read on for our review.

ADATA SE770G review: a very versatile external SSD

Let’s start our review of ADATA SE770G immediately telling you about his aesthetic appearance. While not a fundamental requirement of an external SSD, it certainly is something we notice. The product has a decidedly shape compact, but very solid. We have one size of 99.5 × 57.5 × 18 mm. It is made of plastic in the front, but has a metal reinforcement in the back; a much more than appreciable feature, given the delicacy of the product. The basic color is black, but there is also one on the upper plastic part RGB LED lighting. This is, essentially, a three-dimensional grid, showing a range of gaudy colors. The colors, however, are fixed and there is no customization option.

L’ADATA SE770G SSD is definitely versatile, since you can use it not only on PC, but also on consoles. The device is compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. As for the size, it is available in 512GB or 1TB versions. As for the more technical details, however, we have one read speed of 1000 MB / s and a write speed of 800 MB / s. The SSD uses the standard USB 3.2 second generation. To give you an idea, a classic previous generation external hard drive travels at about half the speeds mentioned above. The connection interface is one USB Type-C; inside the package we find two cables, one Type A-Type C and one Type C-Type C. The only note is that both are really very short and make some management a bit cumbersome.

Let’s see its performance within the benchmarks

To give a clear idea of ​​the capacity of ADATA SE770G, we put it under stress with different software and compared the results with other similar devices.
We used the following software:

  • Cristal Disk Mark
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark
  • AS SSD Benchmark
  • JUST

We ran all the tests on our classic hardware setup:

  • MSI RTX 2060 Super
  • 32 GB di RAM, ADATA XPG Spectrix D60G
  • I7 8700K

As regards CrystalDiskMark, we got 964MBps read and 890MBps write, compared to 1000MBps and 800MBps reported. Excellent results also for the software ATTO Disk Benchmark, where we found 958MBps (read, 256mb) and 890MBps (write, 256mb). On AS SSD, we saw 876.12MBps (read seq) and 861.8MBps (write seq). To finish, go on JUST we found 857 MBps reading and 862MBps writing.

The following test was performed using, instead, a door 3.1 and, unfortunately, in this case the difference was considerable. In fact, using a previous generation door, the results were around half (we saw an average of 460 MB / s read and 456 MB / s write.

ADATA SE770G external SSD review - front

ADATA SE770G review: do we have a verdict?

Arrived at conclusion of our ADATA SE770G review, we are ready to release a verdict on the new 1TB external SSD compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Ultimately we were pleasantly satisfied with the tests carried out and the results obtained. Net of a price that is not really the lowest, circa 150€, we have practically nothing to report. The device performed great, he responded quickly, and above all stable. Nothing different from what we could have expected.

On an aesthetic level it is among the best external SSDs I have seen, very compact, but at the same time very solid. RGB LED lighting, although not customizable, it gives it an interesting touch. Of course, it is not the basic feature of an SSD, but it is appreciable, especially in a historical period like this, where appearance wants its fair share.
In our opinion, ADATA played its cards perfectly, creating an excellent product from every point of view.