Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma. Tips and strategies

We continue our Back 4 Blood themed guides with this article dedicated to Ma: discover with us how to best use this character

If back in 2008 you were struck by the release of Left 4 Dead, the arrival of Back 4 Blood must definitely have stirred up a slight sense of nostalgia. The title, also developed by Turtle Rock Studios, is recently released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. and, waiting for our review, you can retrieve a full-bodied preview written on the occasion of the beta and that you can find by clicking here. The game is enjoying more than moderate success, and will put us in front of a roster of characters to date made up of eight Exterminators and four Infested to impersonate, although it seems pretty obvious to us that it will be expanded with subsequent updates. One of the eight exterminators is Ma.

Before starting

Before starting our guide on how to best use Ma ‘in Back 4 Blood, we remind you that a long list of articles dedicated to the title is already available here on We’ve covered many other characters already, such as Holly, Doc, and Jim, but we also have articles devoted to how to play with friends, how to activate crossplay, the best weapons in the game, how to unlock more cards, and the best cards for novices. Finally, the ever-present complete trophy list to attempt to complete the game 100%. That said, let’s get started. How to best use Ma ‘in Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma.  Tips and strategies

Ma and her skills | Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma

In Back 4 Blood, you won’t have the full roster available from the start of the game. Some of the impersonable characters will be unlocked once the first chapter is completed. Those available from the beginning will be Waker, Holly, Evangelo and our Ma ‘. Although he is now of a certain age, Ma ‘is definitely one of the most valid characters to play and, as the name suggests, will play a very “parental” role for the other Exterminators.

Ma ‘is a supporting character, but unlike what is commonly thought of this class, it’s really simple to use and doesn’t put any pressure. His skills synergize very well and give a greater sense of security when the team gets into trouble. Ma’s abilities are as follows:

  • Can instantly bring a teammate back to life once per level
  • +1 to support inventory
  • Squad Effect: +1 extra squad life

Ma and her weapons | Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma

When you impersonate Ma, you can use any weapon you want. There are no specific classes that particularly boost her or cause her to take extra damage. Basically, however, will start the game with a double Shotgun, the Belgian, as a primary weapon. Considering she has a shotgun in one slot, we would like to advise you to equip her with a Light Machine Gun, Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun – basically any weapon that doesn’t draw ammo from the same pool as her starter weapon.

And also considering that he has the ability to instantly bring an ally back to life, it’s also important do not give her particularly heavy weapons and that they limit their movements. She may be as tough as you like, but Ma is always a pretty good support character to be able to make the most of.

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma.  Tips and strategies

Ma and her cards | Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma

The character of Ma is similar to a sort of doctor, but without the urgency and mission of continuously treating her allies. If we consider that most of his kits are passive, his build can be built with many facets. In our opinion, the ones that we will advise you in the next paragraphs are the cards that will allow you, by mixing them together in the classic sets of 15, to give it a further gear.

Let’s see together the Reflex cards most useful for Ma ‘:

  • Encouragement Speech – Salts – Motivational Speech – Snappy – Quick Pie – Military Doctor – Expert Doctor – Shredder – Miraculous Healing – Screwdriver – Stimulants

We continue with the Discipline Cards:

  • Antibiotic Ointment – Field Surgeon – Motivating Sacrifice – Pious Soul – Crouching – Revenge for the Fallen – Down! – Group therapy – Pack – Professional doctor – Expert paramedic

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma.  Tips and strategies

Strength and Luck | Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma

The only one Force Card to be selected will be:

Finally, three o’clock Luck Cards useful for Ma are the following:

  • Shoulder Bag – Waist Bag – Resource Chest

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Ma.  Tips and strategies

Good fun!

Here ends our guide on how to best use the character of Ma ‘in Back 4 Blood. Hoping to have been useful we ask you: are you playing the title of Turte Rock Games? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!