Talkwalker joins the Italian Esports Observatory

OIES is the first Italian monitoring, networking, information and training platform for operators interested in the export sector. Recently, the Italian Esports Observatory announced the partnership with Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence company

Italy continues to grow in the area Sport, starting with the organizations that deal with the various aspects of this professional discipline. In particular, today’s news concerns again geese, which takes care of connecting, through its platform B2B (or “business to business”), the various realities linked to exports. In particular, it was recently announced that the Italian Esports Observatory has signed a collaboration with Talkwalker, an industry-leading consumer intelligence company. Let’s see all the details below.

Italian Esports Observatory and Talkwalker, what will this collaboration lead to?

For the uninitiated, the companies of consumer intelligence they are companies that collect data on their consumers, so as to extrapolate the information necessary to decide on the next business strategy. According to the official press release released in the past few hours, the collaboration with Talkwalker (which will enter as Monitoring Partner of the Italian Esports Observatory) will lead to the sharing of studies and research with the members of the OIES and will allow the company to be part of the Study Center of the Observatory, which also holds the largest database in the export sector in Italy, with certified data from the best research companies dealing with this field.

The statements of the representatives of both companies are enthusiastic. On the one hand there are the words of Stefano Russo, Sales Director Media & Sports di Talkwalker, which states that:

The agreement reaffirms Talkwalker’s intention to confirm itself also in Italy as a leader in the field of Consumer Intelligence also in Italy in a fascinating and dynamic sector such as that of Esports which sees fans at the center of the relationship with companies and sports clubs, with a particularly active role.

Talkwalker joins the Italian Esports Observatory

They also commented, as expected, Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, founders of the Observatory:

With the entry of Talkwalker we add tremendous value to the OIES network. Talkwalker is an excellence recognized all over the world and we are proud that it has embraced our project. Their expertise and experience in data collection will be of benefit not only to OIES members, but to the whole industry. Our Esports Studies Center is increasingly becoming the main basin from which to extrapolate data on Esports in terms of marketing and business.

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