Carla Carfagna from 21 October in the hall with Two ghosts of too much

C arla Carfagna, back on the screens, from 21 October, with the new film by Nunzio and Paolo: two ghosts too much (distributed by Notorious Pictures), in the funny role of Corinne, the neighbor of the two protagonists, obsessed with Nunzio

Actress Carla Carfagna directly explains her role in Nunzio and Paolo’s film: two ghosts too many, saying:

The character I play is of an obviously single woman over forty, a neighbor of Nunzio and Paolo, who has a disproportionate and exaggerated passion for one of the two neighbors, namely: Nunzio. She is a woman very over the top, with her own style, original and authentic, a little out of date, who goes straight to her goal despite everything and everyone. Outspoken. So much so that it is almost perceived as a “stalker”By the protagonist Nunzio

Carla Carfagna, to identify herself, make the most of the figure of the character and above all to dress her clothes in the best possible way, worked hard on a great constitutive and authentic interpretation, also returning some dramatic nuances in a completely surreal context.

He also adds another very important thing, as regards the inspiration she had for the character, who came to her from her native land: Naples, and says:

In preparing the character of Corinne I let myself be inspired by my hometown, Naples, with its passionate, fearless and courageous women, just like her character, ready to throw herself headlong into the flames just for love.

Carla Carfagna from 21 October in the hall with Two ghosts of too much

Future projects by Carla Carfagna

In addition, the actress Carla Carfagna is currently working on new theatrical projects and also on one of her short films, of which she is the protagonist and author. From Tuesday 26 October to Thursday 28 October will be staged at the Space 18B with the tragicomic show Nothing, single act written and directed by Marzia Ercolani (Winner of the Best Short Theatrical Le Cortigiane 2020)

And what do you think of it? As usual your opinion is important to us, let us know everything in the comments.

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