Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all characters

The new Back 4 Blood, developed by the creators of Left 4 Dead, is available recently, and its players are delighting to discover all the secrets that this title reserves: in this guide in particular, we will try to shed some light on how to unlock them all. the characters, so as to have the possibility to choose between the whole roster at the beginning of a level

Back 4 Blood is available recently for all major platforms, and is collecting a decent amount success in the gamer community. Whether it’s for his presence since day one on Xbox Game Pass or for the importance of his name predecessor, Back 4 Blood has managed to catalyze the attention of the public, transporting players back to a world where it will be our primary goal exterminate gigantic waves of zombies. We have already published several articles on the game (in particular, here you will find our review), but with today’s article we will try to give you a hand on how to unlock all characters forming part of the roster di Back 4 Blood.

Some clarifications

In total, the characters on the Back 4 Blood roster are otto. Initially the usable characters will be only half: you will be able to play in the first hours of the game only with Holly, Evangelo, Walker and Ma ‘. The others (i.e. Hoffman, Doc, Karlee e Jim) are therefore unlockable thereafter, albeit early enough on your adventure. To unlock them, you will have to complete a few missioni in early game: let’s see them below by proceeding in our guide on how to unlock all the characters in Back 4 Blood!

Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all characters

The Devil’s Return – Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all characters

The missions to be completed are the first four of adventure, belonging to Act 1, called “The Return of the Devil”. Once completed, you will see one cutscene in which the other four characters are introduced, similar to how the first four characters were introduced at the beginning. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change characters, as the game locks you onto the character previously selected at the start of the game.

It should also be noted that, as we have seen since the Back 4 Blood beta, that the game it does not track progress you do with the settings of the campagna in singleplayer. This means that by playing in that mode, you will not unlock the characters at the end of Act 1 as one would expect. So pay attention to keep multiplayer settings active.

Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all characters

The characters – Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all the characters

So to play any of the new four characters, just start one new match (and you can do it without fear, as progress will not be reset of the previous game). Having therefore seen how to unlock all the characters of the Back 4 Blood roster, let’s see together, in broad terms, the style of play of all the new characters, so that you understand right away the approach to adopt with each of them.

Starting from Hoffman, he turns out to be a great choice when it comes to ammunition management. His passive ability is one of the most versatile and strong of the game, which makes it a vital choice for the team. Doc instead it is really useful when there are i to deal with annoying damage that you will suffer during your game. He’s as useful a character as he is Ma’when you are in difficult situations.

The third, Jim, is very simply identifiable as the sniper. It therefore excels in precision and in exploit the weaknesses of the enemy, to cause as many damage points as possible. When will you find yourself facing heavy enemies, Jim turns out to be one of the most effective choices. Finally, the class of Karlee is aimed at detecting useful information from the battlefield. With her, you will succeed in perceive traps and mutations, and you can then warn your teammates in case of imminent danger.

Back 4 Blood: how to unlock all characters


For more advice on the approaches to take in Back 4 Blood, we invite you to see our others guide about the game: you will find strategy guides on the use of characters (to be precise on Evangelo, Walker, Ma ‘, Jim, Doc and Holly), but also more generic guides on how to play with friends, how to activate crossplay, how to unlock more cards and finally a guide to the best weapons in the game.

At the end of this guide on how to unlock all the characters of Back 4 Blood, we just have to wish you a lot of fun. To stay updated on Back 4 Blood and all the most important titles of the moment, stay tuned to the pages of If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so by going to Instant Gaming.