Back 4 Blood: unveiled the first DLC, with release date and trailer

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The first DLC of Back 4 Blood will arrive in the game soon: here is a trailer that also shows when its release date will be

Many gamers have long wanted a sequel to Left 4 Dead that it could somehow propose the same style of play, renewed in a modern key but that somehow avoided distorting this beloved title. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) Back 4 Blood it has not posed itself as a real “substitute”Of the famous shooter title with horrific gameplay, but it was nevertheless a title capable of entertaining and amusing even players new to this type of games. After several months of launch, Back 4 Blood will soon be renewed with the arrival of a first brand new DLC, presented by Warner Bros Games and Turtle Rock Studios in a special trailer, also announcing the release date after having already revealed the official name. : Tunnel of Terror.

Back 4 Blood DLC trailer and release date

As first denotable in the trailer, you can see the addition of two new playable Exterminators, rookies in this first expansion and that will be added to the roster of other characters in the game. The first exterminator (or exterminator) is Sharice, a female firefighter who wields an ax, particularly renowned for her great defensive skills; besides her, it was also presented Heng, a man from the restaurant world e with a very hard nature and character, capable of pulling down the bravest Infested with his knife. New features have also been added regarding cooperative activities, with the arrival of the PvE mode of Hives of the Infested. In this game mode the teams, made up of four players each, will go to explore the cavernous depths of seven areasall teeming with the Haunted and full of tunnels that unravel beneath Evansburgh.

Rewards will be obtained by defeating three new types of warped Infestedwhich will be Mine Spinate, the terrifying ones Shredders and the dangerous ones Rippers. These deformed Haunted variations will obviously also be playable in Swarm PvP mode, and like the Exterminators they can be unlocked by players for use in PvP. New additions will affect the equipment, with seven legendary weapons, otto exclusive character costumes, twelve new weapon skins, cards and much more. In conjunction with the release of the DLC, the difficulty will come completely free of charge No hope, available to all Back 4 Blood owners and that gives a higher level of challenge. Also note how the contents of the expansion will be accessible to all players of a team, as long as one of them has bought it. The Back 4 Blood DLC has a set release date for April 12.

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