From Polaroid come the i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition

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Polaroid is enriched with the new color films i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition. Let’s find out together this new proposal that will make the summer even more colorful!

i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition di Polaroid

The new colored films join the already extensive collection of Polaroid i-Type films, then the Golden Moments Edition, the B&W i-Type Film, the i-Type Film Black Frame Edition and the Color i-Type Film Spectrum Edition.

Polaroid i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition films feature eight different solid color frames. They are designed to take pictures during the summer and give a touch of originality and joy to your photographic creations.

Some technical data

Technically, with a frame size of 88 × 107mm, the films boast a square image area of ​​79 × 79mm and a glossy finish. These new proposals are compatible with Polaroid Now + and Polaroid Now cameras, and with the Polaroid Lab. In addition, i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition films have a sensitivity of 640 ISO, an ideal value in all shooting situations. and need a development time of 10-15 minutes.

Polaroid i-Type Color Film – Color Frames Edition films are not compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras and the small Polaroid Go.

Some tips for perfect shots

It is recommended to keep the new films in the fridge (without ever freezing them) and wait for them to reach room temperature before using them. The ideal temperature values ​​are included in the range 13 ° C – 18 ° C. From a lighting standpoint, the more light hits the film, the more beautiful the photo will be. If this is in short supply, it is good to use the flash!

After shooting, avoid bending or shaking them. It is best to place them on the table with the light-sensitive surface facing downwards. One minute of protection is enough for black and white images and about 6 minutes for color images.

i Type Color Film 1

Price and availability

The films are on sale on the Nital website to the public for 17.99 euros (pack of 8 films).

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